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Introducing….Bedside Manners

Bedside Manners are a raw, unapologetic indie rock band from Liverpool with massive ambition. Click Roll Boom caught up with them to learn more about the band's roots and their dreams an aspirations for the future.

Describe Bedside Manners in 5 words…

The Best In The World

Tell me a bit about how Bedside Manners formed?

The band was originally just a couple of us jamming about and gigging under an old name just for a bit of a laugh then around 2017 we came up with the name then 2018 we decided to give it a proper crack, got a full lineup sorted for the band and just went from there to be honest.

Biggest influences?

So many to be fair, it ranges from The Smiths, Stone Roses, Oasis, Nirvana to brand new artists like Sam Fender and Fontaines D.C.

We don’t have one set band that influences us we are more drawn to individual sounds like there could be a smiths tune with a really belter guitar tone or a fender song with a layout idea we’ve never thought about using before it just makes the creative juices flow. Taking elements from stuff you admire and combining it with your own take and thoughts.

The highlight of your career so far?

Selling out the O2 Academy in Liverpool, we had a lot of issues with it being postponed for like 2 years due to COVID and didn’t receive much help in terms of promotion so really that gig was put together by the 5 of us, promoted by the 5 of us and sold out by the 5 of us. It was so DIY and probably something that doesn’t happen very much anymore in the industry, especially in venues like that.

What does the future hold for Bedside Manners?

Glastonbury Main Stage

People often mistake the self-belief and confidence we have with arrogance but it’s not, to be the best at something you have to believe you are the best, if you don’t believe it yourself how do you expect other people to believe it? So every time we go into that practice room, walk out on a stage or rock up to a recording studio we make sure we believe that we are the best.

Shameless plug for your latest album/single….

Not released anything since last year but we’ve been extremely busy behind the scenes. And if you all keep your eyes peeled we’ve got something massive coming this year.

What are you working on at the moment?

Just tryna play as many shows as possible and write as many tunes as we can. Get some new fans in areas we’ve never been before and all that.

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