• Amy

Introducing....Dream Collective

Today we talk to Cambridgeshire based lo-fi indie three piece Dream Collective about the origins of the bands name, career highlights ad their latest double a-side single.

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Dream Collective: ‘lo-fi homemade Saturday morning rock’

CRB: How did the band form?

DC: Well, two of us (myself and Curtis) are brothers, so that always helps with the introductions! And I’ve known Jake since school. Throughout different lineup changes we were all in the same band a few years back and we actually just started this project to play some of those old band songs again. After a couple of sessions though we couldn’t help but introduce some newly written tunes to each other, we liked how they were sounding and it went from there really.

CRB: How did you come up with the name?

DC: We liked the idea of having a word like ‘Collective’ in the name (we’d discussed bands like Police Car Collective and Style Council) as we wanted to aim for something that suggested not quite a traditional band setup, as in it could be changeable who played, wrote and sang stuff and even who made up the band personnel. I was then going through New Order songs for whatever reason, came across ‘Dreams Never End’, put the two ideas together and voilà! Dream Collective was born!

CRB; Who would you say are your biggest influences?

DC: We have a lot of varied influences some of which are The Doors, Paul Simon, Talking Heads, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, Vampire Weekend and The Smiths.

CRB: What's been the highlight of your career so far?

DC: To be honest, the highlight thus far has just been putting the songs together. We record and produce all the tunes ourselves and do artwork etc. and mix the songs with help from friends. That DIY feel is important to us and we take pride in it.

CRB: What's next for the band?

DC: Next up for us is an EP we’re currently working on that should be ready for the end of the summer. We’re hoping that it’ll be a bit of a musical statement of intent… for example, we’re putting a lot of thought in to the various sounds on the tracks and running order of the songs to keep it vaguely cohesive.

CBR: Shameless plug for your latest release.

DC: I take great shame in telling you, our latest a-side/b-side release has just come out and is available on all good and not so good streaming platforms! It’s called SENTIMENTAL DREAMS / NEAR MY TIME - cinematic vibes for those souls that are lost in their own time!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us lads. You can check out CRB's review if Sentimenal Dreams/Near My Time HERE.