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Today we headed stateside to catch up with Houston based soulful rock 5 piece Everglaze who give us an insight into the band and what they have in the pipeline.

Everglaze have just released new single Click Bang, check it out in the link below!

Click Roll Boom: Hi! How are you?

EverGlaze: GOOOOOOOOOD, just on the grind ya know.

CRB: Five words that describe the band best…

EG: Probably the goofy (1) yet, professional (2) people you imagine us being. Alongside being told we are versatile (3), and some think we are innovators of a new genre (4) but, we don't really know what that means or what to think of that other than that's kind of cool if that's true. Other than that we're told we are approachable (5) more than other bands so yay! Lol

CRB: Tell us the story of how Everglaze came to be?

EG: Brothers Brandon and Robert formed the band after disbanding from another project that same week.

CRB: Which bands artists have influenced you most?

EG: It spans from Dance Gavin Dance to Vulfpeck to Parliament Funkadelic to Spice Girls to Justin Timberlake to Timbaland to Zappa to Elvis Crespo to Santana to Zeppelin to NAS to Eminem to Cory Wells to EDM music as a whole.

CRB: What have been the band's highlights so far?

EG: Being able to travel and play in different cities as well as meet the friends we've made along the way. Having support from our friends and community as well has been friggin awesome and even the compliments and sharing the stage with bigger local and touring bands have been cool.

CRB: What does the future hold for you?

EG: That's a secret jk lol but we are going to be releasing music consistently on a 6-8week basis as well as have some pretty big moves planned show-wise.

CRB: Working on anything exciting at the moment?

EG: Right now we have our next single in the works and are solidifying the last touches of the album for June as well as setting that whole show up. It's been. Hella fun and we can't wait to release it finally.

CRB: Shameless plug for your latest album/single….


Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to Click Roll Boom, best of luck for the future, keep rocking!

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