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Introducing....Rave of the Dole

Today we put the spotlight on Rave on the Dole, an instrumental duo from Norwich. They talk to us about influences, career highlights and what the future has in store.

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Click Roll Boom: Tell me a bit how the band formed:

Rave on the Dole: Having played in bands since we were kids, Ryan spontaneously decided to start acquiring some home studio equipment. He then convinced/guilt tripped Sam into picking up the guitar again and we started jamming. Those jams then lead to songs that then lead to our first EP Welcome to Mentalville. Most of which was recorded when Sam was stranded at Ryan’s due to the original Beast from The East.

We came up with our name around this point too. Months of sending random phrases and silly names to each other we finally agreed on a rip of Walter Greenwood’s Love On The Dole, whilst feeling rather worse for wear after a very heavy rave hosted by the legendary Andy C!

CRB: What five words would you use to describe the band?

RD: Hairy, stimulating, transcending, cosmic, groovage

CRB: Who would you say are your biggest influences?

RD: Mogwai, Chemical Brothers, Sleaford Mods, Led Zeppelin, MF Doom

CBR: What's been your career highlight so far?

RD: It all seemed to come in January of this year. As the restrictions eased, we were able to finally get into the Dub Cavern studio and record our first official album, featuring a bunch of songs that we had lived with for about 18 months to two years. Working with Mikey Shaw was an awesome experience as it was the first time we had let someone else into the peculiar, unconventional and sometimes downright abnormal little world of Rave On The Dole. Later that month we played The Norwich Rock Fest (Big up Drongo Records!) which was lovely for us.

We’re proud to be associated with such a brilliant local scene. Not only are the other artists great, they make you feel like you’re part of a family of fellow creatives.

(Insert Norfolk inbred joke here)

CRB: What does the future hold for the band?

RD: Well, we live in surreal times and Rave On The Dole is somewhat a sanctuary (most of the time) for us both. A place where we can try and make sense of shit that at times makes no sense.

We are lucky we have this little dimension to retreat to and we want to make our little world as dynamic and zestful as possible. Therefore, I guess the biggest thing for us moving forward is to bring more people on board the Ravecraft: vocalists, brass bands, the London Philharmonic… In all seriousness, to start collaborating with other artists/musicians is something that excites us for the future.

CRB: What are you working on at the moment?

R: Having just finished the album, we’ve just started working on a new project. Sam has a 12-track sketchbook where he jots his ideas, and we are in the process of deciding where to go with it. It may end up being an extra-terrestrial space opera laid out across twenty odd tracks to make a double album in the vein of the great Prog tradition of the late sixties to mid-seventies.

Subsequently, we will have to organise the whole thing to be played on ice. In the meantime, we may be better off focusing our attention on a minimal techno EP to tide us over until we can afford to sort out enough ice skates for a full-blown orchestra.

Either way, watch this space!

CRB: Shameless plug for your latest album/single….

So, you've heard the rest, now hear the best guitar driven instrumental album you will ever hear to come out of two overweight hairy dudes from Norfolk. Our new album ‘We Dinosauria’ (soon to be released) is packed to the brim with Cosmic grooves, clean blissful beauty, a sprinkle of pastoral psychedelism and some downright filth for good measure.

We really tried to create 10 tracks that feel like an album as opposed to just throwing a bunch of songs together and calling it an album. In doing so we have really pushed and

squeezed every drop of blood, sweat, and tears out of our moist hairy bodies.


You'll love it Bahs and Gahs!

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. Best of luck for the future. We look forward to catching you live sometime!

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