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We head back across the pond to speak to Texas based Rozy who have just released Drunk on Love this past Valentine's Day and learn how the band all started with a game or Rockstar!

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Click Roll Boom: Hi! How are you?

Rozy: Doing Great, how about yourself?

CRB: Can you describe JW Paris in 5 words?

R: Fun, Energetic, In your face, Loud, and Positive

CRB: How did you all meet?

R: It all started with the game Rockband. My sister and I went to our babysitter's house one summer when we were like 9-10, and she had bought her kids the game. While we were there they let us play the game with them, and by the time my mom came to pick us up, my sister had been tapping her hands on her legs. My mom was surprised and so excited to where she went and bought my sister (Molly) a drumset from the pawnshop, and the rest is history.

CRB: Who are your biggest influences?

R: 80's Rock, Joan Jett, Avril Lavigne, and early 2000's music

CRB: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

R: Getting the chance to open up for so many amazing acts like Stryper, Kings X, the Iron Maidens, TRAPT, Buckcherry, Vixen, Night Ranger and more.

CRB: What does the future hold for the band?

R: More music to be available to everyone, and performing out of Texas more.

CRB: What are you working on at the moment?

R: Constantly writing new material and planning on the release of some new music VERY soon.

CRB: Shameless plug for your latest album/single….

R: Catch our latest single that we dropped on Valentine's Day called "Drunk On Love" on ALL streaming platforms.

Thank you so much for chatting to us, best of luck for the future!

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