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Today Click Roll Boom headed back across the pond to catch up with Massachusetts based alt rock trio Valleyheart who talked us about their biggest influences, aspirations to tour the UK and Heal My Head which comes out this Friday!

Click Roll Boom: What 5 words best describe the band?

VALLEYHEART: Big. Beautiful. Dynamic. Narrative. Friendship.

CBR: Tell me a bit about how the band formed?

V: Valleyheart formed in 2016. I (Kevin) had been writing acoustic songs and bringing them to friends to make into full rock songs. As we began to play together it became clear the sound was organically forming around a dynamic sound with ambient yet often heavy elements. Some of us had a background in heavy music, others not so much. But taking all our influences of folk, post-rock, indie rock, pop, hardcore etc definitely fused together to become what is now the “Valleyheart” sound.

CRB: What's the story behind the band name?

V: The name “Valleyheart” came from our original guitarist and I. We sort of blurted it out after throwing some ideas out there. Honestly at the time we knew it meant something but not exactly sure what. Over the years it has solidified into a very personal and intricate meaning, almost in tandem with the context of the songs themselves - Valleyheart; songs and writing from the heart for those darker, valley-like moments in life when little is certain. Music has always been a guide for me in those moments, and it’s wonderful that our music gets to meet people in those places as well.

CRB: Who would you cite as you biggest influences?

V: Musical ~ Sufjan Stevens: Although different in genre, Sufjan has always played a role in the lyrical style of writing for the band. His range and fluidity in genre has always been inspiring.

The National: A band that has pushed the envelope production wise - Chris our bassist is a huge fan and owns every record.

Manchester Orchestra: MO has always been a stand out band that has constantly developed their sound while staying true to it.

Caspian: hometown legends that were instrumental (no pun intended) in influencing the early post-rock Valleyheart sound. That influence has trickled down all the way into the new record and how we approach dynamics and instrumentation at times.

Early Death Cab played a big role here too.

This record was influenced by late 90’s early 2000’s alt radio rock. Piano forward at times. Stuff you’d hear at the dentist or supermarket. Songs that secretly soaked into your subconscious and when it comes on there’s a very specific childhood memory connected with it. There’s something extremely nostalgic and timeless about so many of those songs/artists in that era. Heal My Head was an attempt to blend that style with the more traditional alt/indie “Rock” sound + our own style. It was a project in fusing these sounds together and seeing what the blend would become.

The record was also influenced by some films and style of cinematography. Charlie Kuffman films specifically in the visual and artwork elements. Films like Eternal Sunshine and “I’m Thinking of Ending Things”. These films had a way of diving into the concepts of relationship, love, loss, death in such a creative manner.

Some written ideas and podcasts influenced the lyrical process - Lots of Alan Watts, some Richard Rohr. Really tried to listen to new ideas and challenge that through the songwriting process.

CRB: What's been the highlight of your career so far?

V: The making process of the Heal My Head album. Definitely the grandest challenge and endeavor we’ve taken on. We did a lot of the production ourselves and it was a big undertaking, but one that yielded a sense of pride in the outcome. We had had the desire to push the sound in a new direction while still maintaining what made it Valleyheart; and I think we accomplished that goal after the fact.

What does the future hold for for the band?

V: Hopefully more shows and music and - would love to get over to the UK & EU.

CRB: What are you working on at the moment?

V: Been working on the visual elements of the album - music videos, photos, artwork. Been an interesting process sitting with an album so long and then having the opportunity to enhance and extend the vision through a completely different medium of visual art.

CRB: Shameless plug for your latest album/single….

V: Heal My Head comes out June 3rd! We’re so proud and excited to share it.


Thanks for talking the time to talk to us, best of luck with the new record and we'll catch you when you make it on to our shores!