• Tyler

ALBUM REVIEW: Joe Gideon's "Armagideon"

Joe Gideon’s (formerly of Bikini Atoll) “Armagideon”, released on Jan 31st is a unique musical experience in today’s modern music scene.

To those familiar with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - who Joe Gideon has toured with before- similarities are immediately obvious from the first track “Expandible Mandible”, with it’s deep booming vocals, odd time signatures and unsual atmosphere. This is by no means a bad influence, his sound is still engaging and holds up on it’s own, and there are exceptions to this where Gideon really breaks into a sound of his own, including tracks such as the oddly upbeat “Scaredy Cat”.

One issue the album does suffer from is a similar tone throughout. Whilst each song stands excellently on its own, some adjacent tracks such as “The Gaping Yawn” and “Comet Coming Down” can bleed together. However, in today’s streaming world where -let’s face it- you’re highly unlikely to listen to an album fully in one sitting, this is hardly an issue.

Overall, “Armagideon” is worth a listen for anyone looking to expand their musical repertoire, or those with a penchant for the stranger side of music.

Joe is playing at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds on 18 Feb and we'll be there to review and photograph the show.

Track Listing:

1.  Expandable Mandible

2.  The Gaping Yawn

3.  Comet Coming Down

4.  Liquid Sky

5.  Somewhere South

6.  Scaredy Cat

7.  Rule Roost!

8.  Salty

9.  Quack No Duck

10.  Berit’s Cliff House

11.  Ancient Space Mariner