Kóboykex share new single 'Cake', a song about equality

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The duo have also announced that they will play

Iceland Airwaves festival this year

“With an alt-country atmosphere and a gentle electronic undercurrent, the track upends traditional country music narratives” Cool Hunting

Today, having recently returned from playing their first UK shows at The Great Escape Festival, Faroese western/electro duo Kóboykex have shared new single ‘Cake’. The pair, who are set to perform at Iceland Airwaves this year, are both prominent musicians within the Faroese music scene. Sigmund Zachariassen is known for his many punk projects, notably critically acclaimed punk band Joe & The Shitboys and Heiðrik á Heygum is known for crafting the melancholic indie pop that has made him a household name on the islands. Coming from two very different musical backgrounds, together the pair create music that draws inspiration from the unlikely combination of country and electronica as well as artists like Beck, Ennio Morricone, Patsy Cline, The White Stripes, Mirwais. Following on from their debut single ‘Midnight Gale’, a song about lonely fishermen, ‘Cake’ is a song about equality. Of their new single, Heiðrik says: “The track was based on a quote I found on the web which reads ‘Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It’s not a cake’. I showed Sigmund it and we thought that was a great quote so we just wrote a song around it. At the moment there is a lot of talk about equality regarding women, LGBTQ+, race, religion and so on, and it’s a topic we are both passionate about.” The duo found themselves living next door to one another during the pandemic and began working on music together. “Sigmund was renting a place next to my parents house and I was staying at their place for some months. We had been fans of each other's work and we were like ‘Hey, let's do something” explains Heiðrik. “We come from very different musical backgrounds but we both have a great love for old school country music so we met each other there”. Country music is big in the Faroe Islands. The band describes the country as having a lot in common with America’s bible-belt, and the pair have found themselves addressing this in their writing, focusing on subjects like conservatism, homophobia, fundamentalism, racism and heteronormativity. “Lyricly we take inspiration from these types of subjects because we both feel very outside that sort of world, yet we live in the middle of it,” explains Heiðrik. “I guess to talk about serious subjects like that you have to make it accessible rather than negative or judgemental. The best way to do that is through a little bit of humour I think,” he continues. ‘Cake’ was written during the Spring lockdown on Sigmund’s balcony whilst the pair drank white russians. “I had that guitar hook and chords for years and years. It finally found its place. Just had to start a country band,” says Sigmund. “Fun fact: apparently the hook is rhythmically super weird. I can’t hear it but music geeks usually turn their heads when they hear it,” he continues. The accompanying self-made video features slow motion shots of the band and a host of their friends and family being hit in the face with cake. “We got a pro handball player to throw the cakes so no cakes were wasted. She hit every single time,” says Heiðrik.

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