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Kulick Set To Release New Album

(Kulick Set To Release New Album)

‘Everyone I Know Will Die’ Lands On 28th January 2022

With his banging single ‘Time To Go’ still riding high on the B List at Kerrang Radio as well as seeing support from the BBCR1 Rock Show, Spotify's The New Alt, New Noise, FORYOU, and New Punk Tracks playlists, plus a recently completed tour with The Spill Canvas, prolific artist Kulick is now set to release his 2nd album titled 'Everyone I Know Will Die' via ENCI Records on January 28th which is available to pre-order HERE.

"...an emotional and enthralling take on dark alt-pop."- Rock Sound

"Kulick's dedication to honesty and transparency is what builds that bridge between him and the band, and their hardcore fanbase.” DSCVRD

“..you’ll have it stuck in your head faster than you can remember your own teenage rebellion."- Tremg

"...(a)blast of anthemic punk rock with its chugging guitar line to the masses... Record of the Day Prior to the album release, Kulick has made another new track available The People I Know (Don’t Like Me)”. Watch the lyric video HERE. An artistic visionary, singer-songwriter, producer, audio engineer, and lover of life, Kulick continues to mesmerize music fans with an ever-growing catalog of deeply personal, yet relatable songs that combine his roots in heavy rock music with ultra-catchy pop melodies, resulting in a sound all his own.

With his previous album, the highly introspective ‘Yelling In A Quiet Neighborhood’ (and its acoustic companion piece ‘Sitting In A Quiet Coffeehouse’), the artist, also known as Jacob Kulick, further challenged himself by expanding his sound while tackling subjects close to his heart with his songwriting. Various singles taken from ‘Yelling In A Quiet Neighborhood’ landed on a number of highly coveted Spotify and Apple Music playlists (resulting in over 5 million streams worldwide), while also garnering spins on major radio stations around the country. Kulick continues to broaden his fanbase via glowing media coverage in several national and international media outlets including Spin Magazine, American Songwriter, Substream, The Noise, and Rock Sound. The prolific artist says, “If there’s ever a question of if I will ever stop writing or creating music, I am immediately reminded that there isn’t really a choice for me to stop. I have never lived a life without creating music, and I truly believe that I cannot live a healthy life without it.” The connection Kulick has with his fans who have been with him throughout each phase of his career is also what drives him. “The reason I create music has always been the same; to process, to better understand myself, to feel my emotions in a healthy way, and to connect with others. There is nothing greater.” Kulick looks to the future with his mission of speaking his truth through music. New Hi-Res photo HERE

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