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LIVE REVIEW: Chubby and the Gang @ The Adrian Flux Waterfront Studio, Norwich

December 5th 2021, support from Damp Matches & Narrow Head.

Arriving at the venue I was greeted with a massive queue of rather more mature ladies and gentlemen which left me quite perplexed, quick google later and I realised The Sweet were playing in the main venue downstairs. Finally at the front of the queue to be told the bands turned up late, were still sound checking and all 8 of us waiting for the Chubby gig needed to stand outside (in the rain). After half an hour of waiting feeling rather cold and soggy the now slightly larger crowd of about 40 of us were finally allowed in.

First up were local Norwich band Damp Matches, never heard of them before but I love them! A confident female vocalist who reminded me of a young Courtney love, loud pretentious sound and a preppy looking guitarist who went from rapping on some songs to full screamo on others! There was even a song about Justin Bieber fighting Tom Cruise! Great opener from a local band I look forward to watching grow and evolve.

Next we had Narrow Head. I have to be honest, listening to them recorded prior to the gig I can’t say I was too excited. They sounded somewhat lackluster and like they might be a little boring. How wrong was I!! Sounding like Stargaze meets Stoner meets Alt Metal, one minute the singer was in a typical shoegaze stance the next leaping around screaming his lungs out! Absolutely not what I expected but a very pleasant surprise.

Now for Chubby and the Gang, what I can say! Of all the gigs I’ve been to, which must be well into triple figure by now this was by far the shortest headline set I’ve ever seen. 25 minutes at most but wow what a 25 minutes it was! The energy of singer Charlie was incredible! It was pure obnoxious punk with a stage presence that fit perfectly! I can imagine if the crowd was bigger the circle out would have been quite something but instead my time was split between watching the stage and watching the three hardcore fans having the best times moshing amongst themselves! Set was soon over and we looked around at each other as much to say “is that really it!” Realising it was everyone headed home from a gig that was as loud and pretentious as any metal gig I’ve been to, my ears were still for most of the next day!

Narrow Head & Chubby and the Gang photos taken December 9th @ The Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds by Scott Smith Photography. Full Gallery HERE

Damp Matches provided support at the Norwich date only.

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