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LIVE REVIEW: Damp Matches, WAXX & Headshrinkers @ Voodoo Daddy’s, Norwich

(25th February 2022)

I said in my last review I’d definitely be going back to Voodoo’s, I just didn’t expect it to be quite so soon! I think it’s fast becoming one of my favourite venues!

Like last week the gig was one out of town band Headshrinkers all the way from the delightful Wolverhampton along with two local bands in the form of Damp Matches and WAXX. Tonight was a trio of energy, attitude, awesomeness and some of the coolest front people I’ve ever seen. A hat trick of listening pleasure!

Damp Matches

This band are the reason I went to the gig. I've championed them ever since I saw them support Chubby and the Gang at the Waterfront Studio last December. Helena is the frontwoman others should aspire to be. Her voice is out of this world and her stage presence is that of a star, with mannerisms of Courtney Love, Gwen Steffani or Alanis Morissette. I don’t have enough praise for this lady, such a talent!!

The set was fantastic, rocky with elements of funk, blues and hip hop. They have a unique blend that just works somehow. Will’s gritty dirty raps complement the vocals in a way that on paper sounds like it wouldn't work but in execution works perfectly. Every song is full of attitude, energy, big sounding verses with even bigger choruses. The whole band are captivating to watch as are the crowd with a few die hard fans singing and dancing to pretty much every word!

It’s hard to pick a favourite, but for me Threes and V.O.Y.O were definitely highlights. I also really enjoyed Crusin’ for a Brusin’, a full rap about Tom Cruise beating Justin Bieber up and his guts splattering everywhere totally inappropriate and probably highly likely to cause offence but also hilarious and an interesting interlude in the set.

Overall I loved this, I knew I would. Damp Matches deserve to be famous and with a support slot on at the UEA LCR date of Reef’s tour lined up I’m hoping big things are not too far round the corner.

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After Damp Matches, I could have gone home happy and not stayed for the remainder of the gig. They were the reason I was there, I’d only vaguely researched the other bands (in fact I think I’d listened to the wrong WAXX on Spotify) so I didn't know what to expect. I was in for a treat!


Another local band mixing rock with psychedelia. I have to be honest I was ready to write these off after a few cords as “not my thing” which was wrong of me. I know from past experiences to never write a band off straight away! The first instrumental wasn’t overly to my taste but the rest of the set was fantastic!

The tiny stage looked rather full with 5 men mostly wearing rather large outdoor coats adorning it each rocking out throughout the entire set. Their energy was infectious and their look was reminiscent of the Beatles in their later years. I enjoyed the fact that lead vocal duties were shared with each bringing a uniqueness to the sound.

Their sound is psychedelic without being overly experimental. I'm not a fan of music that tries too hard to be different and out there. These were just the right blend of unique, interesting rather than crazy. Plenty of rock guitars but also plenty of jangly melodic ones too. I danced (although not quite as extremely as most of the audience) throughout the entire set.

I really enjoyed WAXX and will definitely be adding them to future playlists. I look forward to seeing them again at future gigs.

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Wow! Headshrinkers were like a fireball of energy hitting the stage! Their frontman has so much energy and some of the most bizarre Jarvis Cocker-esque moves I was tired just watching him! I also had to smile at the fact he walked onto the stage fully dressed in a military style jacket and left it topless, a very rockstar thing to do!

Their post punk sound is loud and somewhat pretentious, the perfect combination. Big guitars, drilling baselines and obnoxious drums. You couldn’t help but get stuck in listening to Headshrinkers. If I were much younger I may have even been tempted to join in the pushing, shoving and chaos that reigned throughout their set.

Drawing similarities with Fontaines DC and Idles they sound like seasoned professionals. I have to admit at times I found myself more intrigued by the on stage antics than giving the music my full attention but I suppose live music is as much about the show as it is the sound and they definitely have that down to a tee.

If you like high energy with high attitude then I recommend seeing Headshrinkers live. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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In summary, I went to see Damp Matches. My attitude being that as long as they’re good (which I knew they would be), it would still be well worth the £7 ticket price regardless. However, I ended up enjoying every band, captivated by each one and the ways they presented themselves on stage. Rocking out to some really unique, but not over conceptual and out there music, every band offering something different yet complimenting each other perfectly.

This gig was LOUD and I loved every second! Big respect to the 20 or so people who danced some rather extreme dancing/moshing for the entire gig, I don’t know how they managed it!!

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