LIVE REVIEW: Dead Reckless @ The Vortex, Wakefield

16/04/2022 With support from The Lockstocks.

It was my first time attending this venue and I must say it is a hidden gem of my local city. Walking through the entrance, I notice a drum kit mounted above the doors, a unique way of telling you are in the right place for some raucous live tunes.

I had some time on my hands so it was ideal to chill in the basement bar for awhile and catch up with friends. The atmosphere was pretty on-point for a metal and rock bar, surrounded by decorative merchandise shirts, flags and posters. Very friendly environment and service.

Before long, I’m called back up stairs. The Lockstocks are first up on stage, debuting their set with a mix of notable covers and originals, with polished and tight unique sound.

Originally by The Artic Monkeys “I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor” had a much grittier and fuller over all sound that did not disappoint the audience. The vocals lead with hoarseness which would I would argue gave the track a punky touch and complimented the over all textures.

“Boys Don’t Cry” had me impressed by the Southern British accent and the main riff smoothly and cleanly played all staple to The Cure’s Style.

And Finally “Chatting” of which I believe was an original was quite the amusing cynical take on culture with slightly darker tones. I admire this had much more creative freedom, gave the set a little more breathing room with the drawn-out chords and a warm bass fill that embellished the outro.

It was a shame I had to split my focus onto photography, I would have much more to comment on, however, for a first show The Lockstocks made a quick and great impression on the local music scene. It was rather a shame that their set was short, however, it was great to revisit a track from the beginning, which meant anyone attending late didn’t miss out.

Hopefully, I’ll see this band flourish along with their future opportunities and an encore!

After a brief break, Next up on stage is the Dead Reckless. Leather Jackets, Long hair and chain-link microphone stand are the aesthetics that prepare you for the head-splitting madness that you will experience with this band.

With notable original tracks as “Alive” that showcases ridged and thunderous tones and grooves along with impressive solos that had me jumping to get the perfect shots.

The vocals are silky, with slight bluesy articulation that did not hesitate to throw down a scream in the intense bridge.

“Waiting” introduces us to pop-punk-like riff but kicks up a fuss with the entry of drums. A Very

energetic, solid and consistent song, that will leave you nodding and tapping your feet. I believe it’s the little pauses and dynamical changes that create intrigue. Other songs dialled back a little and was quite danceable and invited friendly interaction with audience and band. However, “Culture Vulture” was the heaviest and hardest song of the night, ramping up to the max, inviting a small mosh pit. I was thoroughly entertained by head banging and windmilling hair.

Overall, Dead Reckless are quite full-on for a three piece and definitely a hard rock diamond in a small town. I would be up for seeing more of their shows and hopefully I’ll see a fuller crowd next time, as they deserve!

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