LIVE REVIEW & GALLERY: Church Girls @ Wharf Chambers, Leeds

Supported by Bad Idea & Other Half. 27.05.22

All the way from Philadelphia USA, Leeds was blessed with the presence of impellent 4-piece Church Girls supported by moody home-grown Leeds band Bad Idea and aggressively intense Other Half.

Apparently, I got the wrong memo when I turned up at the suggested time, as I was an hour early and awkwardly walked into sound check, however, it was an opportunity to see how both venue and bands operated during this time.

I also started to panic a little bit when the time got closer to the show that very few people were filtering in, but right at last second the room filled and I made my way to the front.

Bad Idea took the stage with dreamy shoegaze riffs and bountiful bass grooves.

The gentle vocals put me at awe, however it was a shame to hear them drowned out in thicker sections of the set.

I found myself nodding and tapping my feet along to every song. I loved the attitude on stage very playful and carefree and in other parts sweet and shy as they adjusted back to a live gig setting.

It was especially a crowd pleaser when they kicked it up a notch, opting for a pop-punk solo focused choruses. I particularly admired the golden harmonies, especially as playing both drums at the same time as singing is not an easy feat. My favourite tracks are “Tender” and “High School Musical”

An overall successfully endearing set to get you in your feels with stately performance.

The crowd scuttled over to the bar for beverages during a quick change over. Then we are introduced loud and proud to Other Half, that discharged their electrifying and noisy performance!

Focusing on post-punk and hardcore, this band was super energetic, so much so they inspired gig goers to open a little mosh pit at the back of the room.

I found myself admiring the songs “Sameness Without End” and “Tiny Head”.

I was in awe at the raw emotion put into every lyric with screaming rasp and very much impressed by female screams accompanying.

If you’re into something fast, heavy and gritty, Other Half are for you.

Another change over meant another clear out of the room for toilet breaks and more drink before we are met with our headliner Church Girls!

Every song had a staple sound and key which looking back is quite iconic for Church Girls. I would describe them as a soft pop-punk with sparkly riffs. Their energy were so bouncy and the choruses so catchy and easily singable even for a newcomer. The driven atmosphere put the whole room in a positive mood to get up and move. I have to admit I loved their performance my eyes darting everywhere both from entertainment perspective and a technical perspective of how they are playing. “Basement” was quite an earworm that, even after the gig, I still had the hook grounded in my mind, humming it on my way home. “Nothing” also shook quite hard and the disjointed riffs really stuck interest in me. The final song had me most impressed yet, in a little panic as Church Girls shook the stage to a point I thought the amp stacks were going to fall!

I have quite the admiration for bands that express their appreciation to the audience, showing a form of vulnerability and I admire bands that also stick around and sing and genuinely enjoy the music of other bands, it presses a strong influence over the audience to let loose and enjoy themselves. Definitely one of the best indie post-punk gigs I have been to with a variety of bands that appeals so anyone.

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