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LIVE REVIEW & GALLERY: Eat Your Own Head (Album Launch) @ Voodoo Daddy's, Norwich

We've championed local lads Eat Your Own Head here at Click Roll Boom over the last few months so it was only fitting we should cover their hometown debut album launch show and what a show it was!

Support came in the form of The Randy Pandy Hand Shandy Band and Colchester's Rad Pitt.

The Randy Pandy Hand Shandy Band

For the sake of ease I'll refer to the band as Randy Pandy for the duration of my review!

Randy Pandy signified a first for me, the first time I've ever watched a fully instrumental band live! It was also a first for the band, the first time they'd ever played live so it was a voyage into the unknown for everyone!

I have to be honest, I'm not a fan of instrumental music. I put almost all my emphasis on the lyrics when listening to a song often citing that I'd rather listen to a band who are musically weaker but have meaningful lyrics than bands that play well but lack a relatable message. That said I really enjoyed Randy Pandy they're are clearly incredibly talented and capable musicians. I heard many murmurs in the crowd talking about how good they were too.

Their sound was funky and somewhat playful with some epic guitar solos and a dirty baseline. It was a little bit Stoner/Doomy in places while in others it embraced a more classic rock sound. I'm not sure it was good mosh pit music but it was certainly good for head nodding toe tapping.

I also want to comment on the name. At one point during Eat Your Own Head's set the singer thanked the support bands but suggested Randy Pandy should change their name because they're "really good." Personally I think the name is perfect, it raises a smile which makes it memorable.

Overall, I really enjoyed the set and have nothing but praise for their performance especially for their first live outing. Would I listen to them recorded, no probably not but that just down to my personal preference. Would I go see them live again, absolutely they've taught me instrumental music is far more enjoyable live than I would have ever expected.

Rad Pitt

I'd listened to Rad Pitt on the way to Norwich and knew they were going to be rowdy but nothing prepared me for what I was about to witness!

I watched them set up the stage and noticed both sets of pedals were on the main floor and I kept thinking surely they're going to put these up on the stage. They didn't, the set started BOOM! One guitarist spent the entire set in the crowd, the other jumped on and off the stage like a man possessed, the singer also split his time between the stage and the floor with only drummer (who is obviously pretty static) and bassist spending the entire set on the stage! It was carnage, I've been to many gigs in my time across most genres and this was probably one of the most brutal performances I've ever seen!

Photography was almost impossible, I changed lenses more often than some people change their underwear trying to catch everything that was happening! For the other bands I moved from one side of the stage to the other trying to get best shots and include and the band members for Rad Pitt I stayed lstatic and relied on my zoom lens and did the best I could! Walking the gauntlet that was the pit felt like taking life into my own hands and I'm not that brave!

Musically they set a cacophony of short, sharp, full paced punk punk-esque doomy numbers! Each one blasting like a mini tornado! Growling, shouting vocals over loud guitars, even louder thumping drums and a sludge fest of a baseline. Their sound pulled together many elements from many genres which made for a whole new level of uniqueness. I loved the quirkiness of Rad Pitt. Their energy was out of this world. I was left with was a massive respect for the band, admiration for their passion and a yearning to hear more!

A particular highlight came at the end of the set, a one minute song that asks a question we've all asked at some stage "What's the Point of Piers Morgan?"

Eat Your Own Head

The band took to the stage in their home city in front of an almost sold out crowd to celebrate the release of their eagerly awaited debut album Neck-Deep in Blyth.

The set kicks off with a barrage of instrumental noise and chaos, to which a slightly subdued crowd vigorously nod along to. When the song concluded they announced with great confidence that that's going to be on record number two!

The set ploughs on through dirty basslines and gritty vocals with the crowd slowly awakening with each chord until chaos ensues! Such chaos at one point a rather carried away member of the crowd lands spread eagle on the stage!

The whole time the bass player, who for most of the set resembled Cousin It with his surfer lockers fully covering his face to the point I wonder how he could even see his bass headbanging like his life depended on it! I made it my mission to get a decent photo of him, I failed!

I knew from all our previous encounters with the band that they were truly likeable lads and their stage presence fully reaffirmed this. Nice doesn't get you record sales but it goes a long way in my book.

Their sound is stoner/doom with lots of bass, lots of noise and the crowd loved it. Denied, which is the track I was most familiar with sounds on point live and all the new material went down well with the whole room. I’d listened to the album earlier in the day and can confirm the live sound is equally as raw and earthy as it is recorded.

While not shoegaze per se I could definitely hear elements of this running throughout with some hints of My Bloody Valentine coming through along as heavy metal Down style vibes. They're a real mixed bag which I guess is why "Noise Rock" fits so well; it allows them to jigsaw together different sounds from wherever they like.

All in all a bloody good set, from some decent lads who are definitely destined for great things and who'll put Norwich on the map for more than just their yo-yo football team!

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