• Amy

LIVE REVIEW & GALLERY: Replica Rock @ Haig Club, Mundesley

First time in the 18 months I've lived in Mundesley that I've ventured into one of the village pubs. The venue was kind enough to allow me to practice my photography. Where most people start shooting in pubs and build up to big venues I started with UEA LCR and Brixton Academy so it was nice to take it down several notches and get a feel for the camera in a less pressured setting.

I said I wasn’t going to review and just publish a gallery but I love to talk and Replica Rock are worth talking about!

The band who are based locally were back performing after a three year hiatus. You couldn't tell they'd taken a break because despite various technical issues they handled themselves with total professionalism and performed like pros!

I'm not normally a fan of covers but their set was good fun. They played a really varied bag spanning the 70's to present day. Some songs lost the crowd and some filled the dance floor. Surprisingly Pop Punk anthems American Idiot and All the Small Things were the tracks that really brought the crowd to life. There were a few songs I didn't know, and a few I loved like my drunken karaoke favourite Summer of ‘69 which I thought the band covered excellently. Only their cover of Live Forever really fell short for me. I'm a huge Oasis fan and that's my favourite song by the band, and no one else should sing it, not even Noel!

For the most part the set consisted of quite typical pub covers which was good for people who were getting progressively more drunk to dance to however as a music fan I'd have liked a few curveballs thrown in. One of the best cover bands I saw played a really eclectic mix including vintage, lesser known Manics and Biffy.

Their set ploughed on for an hour and a half before a few minute break, the band then returned to the stage ready to play another hour and a half. 3 hours of playing is no easy task so I fully applaud their stamina. I bet a lot of much younger, stadium filling bands couldn't play for so long!

All in all, Replica Rock are good fun. If you're looking for a pub covers band to have a sing and dance along to i highly recommend them!