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LIVE REVIEW & GALLERY: The Lovely Eggs @ The Waterfront, Norwich & Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

12/04/22 - Norwich

16/04/22 - Leeds

Support from The Bug Club & Rob Auton

This gig was downgraded from the Waterfronts main room to the Studio. To be honest I thought a 700 capacity venue was overkill. The Lovely Eggs have a firm and loyal fanbase which nicely filled the studio but I think the main room was always an optimistic choice.

The first support slot was The Bug Club. I must admit I felt a little sorry for them as the tiny stage was adorned with two drum kits and various other kit and they weren't left with much room to move around! They sounded amazing with a very 60's look and feel reminding me of bands such as The Kinks or Small Faces but also at times being reminiscent of more modern artists like Art Brut with a more Garage Rock sound.

They had great stage presence (even in the tiny corner of the stage they had) and we're very engaging with the crowd both between songs and while playing, smiling and making eye contact which I appreciated. I must confess I'd only listened to a couple of songs prior to the gig but had really enjoyed If My Mother Thinks I'm Happy and it didn't disappoint live, my favourite song on the set. They're on tour later this year and I'm disappointed they're not heading back to Norwich as I'd love to see them in their own headline show.

Next we had Rob Auton. I don't even know where to start with this one, a comedian at a gig! First, let's talk about the group of very loud girls who decided they needed to make the show about them with blood curdling screams and loud "look at me" jeering. Maybe I'm old and boring but this winds me up. Rob, who is from York, seemed like a nice enough chap with a fab Yorkshire accent (but then I'm a sucker for Northern accent!) but I'm not a fan of comedians I could watch Del Boy falling through a bar a 100 times and laugh every time but stand someone on a stage and expect me to find it funny and I probably won't.

Standing on stage with his Tesco bag and pile of books decorated with Postit Note page markers it all seemed a little chaotic and disorganised. He raised a chuckle from me a few times in-between me getting progressively more and more annoyed with the screaming girls but that was about it. Scott watched the gig in Leeds…

“Rob is a likeable chap but the whole thing was a little awkward. The bits where Rob was riffing and just doing observational comedy was brilliant and got some genuine belly laughs. The sections when Rob was reading his own material from his book was just that, Rob reading from a book. At times the pacing of these stories felt a little rushed and he seemed at his most nervous at these points. One section of crowd participation fell flat on it’s arse with no one quite knowing what was going on but that actually made it all the funnier. I do wonder if this is very raw material for a future tour and would be interested to see him in full flow.”

All in all I'll give him points for seeming like a nice bloke but stand-up comedy isn't my thing - I'd rather have had The Bug Club play a longer set.

Then it was time for The Lovely Eggs who surprised me by being much heavier live than they are

recorded. They came out and got straight on with it launching into This Decision into Still Second Rate. Screaming girls were still screaming and vying for attention however singer Holly seemed to really enjoy this even saying at one point the rest of us should move so the "party people" could dance.

I'd listened to The Lovely Eggs quite a bit prior to the gig but it's like any band you discover well into their careers with a sizable back catalogue it's impossible to listen to and become word perfect with it all. I particularly enjoyed I Like Birds But I Like Other Animals Too with its art punk feel and one of my favourites both for its sound and title is Please Let Me Come Mooch Round Your House.

Fuck It was definitely a firm favourite and a crowd pleaser, pretty sure there's not many places you could here a 200 strong crowd singing the words "Fuck It" over and over! In fact on countless occasions since the gig I’ve found myself randomly breaking into a chorus of “fuck it oh yeah.”

Set pressed on through a few songs I was less familiar with but enjoyed nonetheless. Screaming girls still in full voice being actively encouraged by Holly to scream in-between songs, she may have enjoyed it but my patience was wearing thin. Holly’s guitar yoga acrobatics with guitar behind her head and her leg raised in the was both impressive and fun to watch. The band interacted a fair bit but at points verged on arrogance but I feel this may be an on stage persona because how they come across on social media is totally different.

Wiggly Giggy and Food were both great live and Return of Witchcraft was a fitting, slightly wappy finale to the gig!

Overall I really enjoyed The Lovely Eggs. It was quite different to all the other bands I've been to recently so they were a refreshing change. I know I keep mentioning this but the screaming girls definitely detracted from my enjoyment. I was also a little disappointed they didn't play their biggest hit Don’t Look At Me (I Don’t Like It). I have to admit the band that most impressed me on the night was The Bug Club. I really recommend checking them out.

Setlist Norwich & Leeds: 1. This Decision 2. Still Second Rate 3. The Digital Hair 4. I Wanna 5. Magic Onion 6. I Like Birds but I Like Other Animals Too 7. Slug Graveyard 8. You've Got the Ball 9. Please Let Me Come Mooch Round Your House 10. Fuck It 11. Witchcraft 12. Long Stem 13. Carnations 14. Wiggy Giggy 15. You Can Go Now 16. Food 17. I'm With You 18. Return of Witchcraft

Words by Amy Gee (Norwich)
Photos by Scott Smith (Scott Smith Photography) (Leeds)

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