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LIVE REVIEW: Shucks, Bedside Manners, Pink Lemonade & Undercover Pangolin @ Voodoo Daddy’s, Norwich

(19th February 2022)

I always find it super exciting going to a venue I’ve never been to before, normally I’d research capacity and find pictures online but for Voodoo Daddy’s I went in blind! Turns out it's a pizza restaurant downstairs (they smelled amazing!) and easily the tiniest gig venue upstairs that I’ve ever been in with a bar that resembled the tuck shop at my local centre when I was in year six! The floor was adorned with a massive rug and the stage was tiny and cluttered. It was perfect, my favourite type of venue! These are the types of venues we need to do more to support and preserve as it’s these venues where the bands playing to thousands in arenas likely started out.

Anyway on to the gig, a rather impressive 4 band line up complete with three lots of home grown talent!

Undercover Pangolin

First off can we give a mention to how amazing this band name is! Whoever thought of it deserves an A* for originality!

The first of three Norwich bands. They were brilliant (forgive me because I’m going to be saying that a lot over the course of this review). They were kind of like rock mixed with funk meets some bass heavy doom/stoner. It was an original and unique blend of sounds. The singer's energy was impressive and I found myself captivated by the almost shoegaze stance of the bass player. There's something infinitely cool about female bass players.

They bounced their way through a 7 song set finishing with their “big hit” embers which seemed to get the crowd who had largely stood still all set dancing a bit and rightly so. I really enjoyed their set and I’m excited to see how their sound grows and evolves.


Light Boy

See It All

Rabbit Hole



Get to Know You

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Pink Lemonade

I loved these ladies, their look was adorable and so cute! Their sound was equally as adorable! I’m on a massive female artist kick at the moment and Pink Lemonade fit perfectly with that obsession.

I’m not sure how they define their style but I put them firmly in the category of Bubblegrunge, plenty of grungy guitars mixed with a big dollop of kitsch, quirky bubblegum pop.

Another band with a crazy amount of energy, they bounced their way through their entire set. With songs about Space Girls and Powerpuff Girls they were undeniably lots of fun. Their enthusiasm was infectious!

I had to smile during their cover of Wannabe, looking at the people around me who were probably young enough to be my children singing along because it’s “cool to like old music”, thinking this was my life. I was in high school rebelling and liking Oasis when this came out! I suddenly felt rather old!

Nine songs later the set was done. Another local band who were absolutely amazing. I look forward to catching these ladies at another gig soon!

Like with the first two bands I look forward to seeing them next time they play Norwich and I’m excited to see where their career takes them.


First Date

Break Up Song


Space Girl


Melt My Heart

Get Over You


Sugar N Spice

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Bedside Manners

The only non Norwich band of the line up, these lads from Liverpool were gracing Norwich the same day their local team thumped the pitiful Canaries 3-1 thankfully I don’t think any of the crowd particularly cared!

Bedside Manners brought a bit of attitude and swagger to the stage along with some of the tightest tracksuit bottoms I think I’ve ever seen! They looked like rockstars, they oozed charisma and seemed completely at home on stage.

Again fitting in well with the night so far they were amazing. Each song has the potential to be an anthem. Loud guitars and a sound reminiscent of bands like The Charlatans or Oasis. I was disappointed the crowd seemed to dissipate for these a bit as they really were worth a listen.

The singer stepping off the stage into the crowd for a few lines in true rock star fashion was one of the highlights of the gig.


Life Is Easy

What It Seems

My People

Hold Your Stare

She Knows the Way


Feel Alive

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The Shucks

First off I was confused why a band who announced they had only rehearsed four times were taking the headline slot on what was billed as a Bedside Manners show.

That aside I can’t complete the review with a full house of praise. To me these were a bit of a let down. They seemed too preoccupied with impressing the fan girls and not focused enough on playing music. This was a shame as both the lead guitarist and bassist, who shared lead vocal duties, can definitely sing. Unfortunately the showing off and bumbling around the stage for the ladies in the crowd who were squealing and making hearts at them made it difficult to enjoy the music they were playing

I endured about half the set and decided to leave and catch the last bus rather than shelling out an obscene amount of money for a taxi.

Maybe it's an age thing and if I was 21 I’d have been down the front fangirling too but as a woman of almost 40 I just didn’t get it. They’re another local band so I imagine I’ll encounter them again in the future so it’ll be interesting to see how they grow and mature.

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To summarise the gig overall absolutely brilliant, three of the bands will definitely become Spotify playlist regulars plus I discovered an awesome (I never use that word but it seems fitting) new small venue that I can't wait to go back to. I might even treat myself to a pre gig pizza next time!

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