Live Review: The Hara @ The Key Club, Leeds


Supported by Wolforna & Jason Allan.

This gig had left me in a love-hate relationship with it now I look back. I fell in love with all three of these artists for different reasons, yet, I disliked being around the people, perhaps I was just far too sober to be there haha!

Supporting first, was Wolforna, fortunately for them being stationery suited them, the stage was packed full of instruments and drum kits, they were not short of energy however, sporting a hard-rock and indie infused set with glittering guitar melodies; crisp vocals; prominent bass lines that shook the room and a drummer that was not afraid to go hard! They were much fuller and heavier compared to when I listened to their EP’s and singles and that is something I personally love about seeing a band live, they have to have grit to get a crowd moving.

The four-piece from Leeds certainly made their hometown proud that night. They quickly warmed up the crowd and gained a lot of new fans, including myself.

After their set ended, I felt it was quite wholesome that Wolforna nonchalantly took gig-goers phones out of their hands to take selfies and amusing videos to document a successful set and to add a cherry on top of their success. The also offered to meet fans after the show.

Next, a party-pop anthem plays whilst I am introduced to Jason Allen pushing behind me in an orange jumpsuit, making his way through the crowd to hop up onto the stage, of which surprised me deeply as I didn’t expect him to emerge this way. Kudos to him for such an intimate and bold entrance!

All of his songs were so lively and upbeat which enticed the crowd to jump and dance along with him. He Immediately won everyone over, especially the girls in the crowd with his playful and flirtatious persona, it was a pleasure to see him engage with crowd so confidently. At points he held girls’ hands whilst he serenaded them.

Even though I had the pleasure of attempting to get the perfect shot of him winking right at my camera lens, I unfortunately got a bit nervous and mess it up! I would describe Jason Allan as a romantic pop-punk prince with a silky voice portraying upbeat movie picturesque party tunes.

The half-hour set felt like two minutes, I genuinely enjoyed this set and observing the crowd falling in love.

The lights would dim again to take extra equipment off stage. Limp Bizkit and Slipknot blared through the speakers whilst everyone half drunkenly screamed along sloshing their drinks all over.

Before long The Hara make a hurricane entrance with intense flashing light show and the crowd screamed, roared and pushed at their arrival.

I became overwhelmed at the sheer attitude and drama, my initial thought was “Oh no, I'm in for it”

Pure lively chaotic energy, My eyes couldn’t keep track because there was so much going on. My ears however, had a harder time trying to figure out these guys, bending genres with raw trippy pop vocals, yet there was the heavy crunching distortion of guitars that on more than one occasion opened up a mosh pit and the drums became the gravity to pull everything together.

As the set progressed, intensity progressed and chaos ensued. Vocalist Josh climbed on anything he could get his hands on and threw himself into the crowd. I admired in awe the sheer nerve it takes to crowd surf.

My favourite songs of the set had to be “Off The Edge” due to the grimy pulsating bass and “Afterlife” for its sentimental lyrics.

Despite the rudeness of the crowd, I walked away from the gig with such a rush. The Hara is a great example of letting loose after a long couple years locked away in a pandemic in the form of explosive riffs and performance.

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