• Amy

LIVE REVIEW: The Skinner Brothers @ The Waterfront Studio, Norwich


Support from The Chase and JW Paris

Going to a gig at the Waterfront Studio never seems to run smoothly! On this occasion a support band hadn’t turned up and due to time constraints as the venue becomes a club at 10 it was touch and go as to whether we’d be seeing two bands or three. They kept us standing outside in the cold whilst they decided. During this wait I had one rather intoxicated over enthusiastic chap for company.

Finally I could hear the missing band sound checking and knew I would soon be getting warm inside! I’ve no idea which band was late but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was due to football traffic which can easily clog up the city for hours.

Finally everyone made it inside, only half an hour late!

Before I start, tonight's overall feeling was complete hair envy, rather than mentioning it for every band I’ll get it out of the way up front.. On that stage I saw some of the most beautiful locks I’ve seen in a long time! They would have been a hairdresser's dream!

Anyway this is a gig review not Vogue magazine!

First up we have The Chase from Northampton. They were great, another band with an infectious energy who nodded so much I’m amazed he didn’t make himself dizzy! For anyone who’s read other any of my reviews you’ll know how much I like a jangly guitar and The Chase had these in abundance, good old fashioned rock n roll I feel was heavily modelled on the 60’s. They were an easy listen and instantly likeable. The room was fairly sparse at this point and everyone stood way back like they were scared of the stage which I thought was a shame. Naturally I stood forward and tapped and bounced my way through the entire set. I definitely plan to give these a listen on Spotify and would absolutely go and see them next time they play Norwich.

Moving on, the next band to adorn the stage was JW Paris. I loved these too. They reminded me of 90’s bands such as Bush with a big helping of Bret Anderson or Jarvis Cocker attitude and stance. Loud guitars, pounding drums and some perfect rockstar attitude. Another band using a tried and tested formula but adding their own unique stance on it. If you like alt rock infused with some Britpop and punk you’re going to enjoy JW Paris. I found myself singing along to songs I’d never heard before by the second chorus which to me is a sign of good song writing! Another excellent band and another one to add to my Spotify list. So much new music, so little time!!

On a side note I wish people would stand round the stage for the support bands, it must be soul destroying when they look out and see a 6ft gap between them and the crowd and people chatting amongst themselves rather than paying attention.

Now for the main event….The Skinners brothers, WOW! Where do I even start?! I don’t know how to write to do this gig the justice it deserves! It was loud, pretentious and rowdy from lads with almost as much swagger as the Gallaghers!

The set was full of big sounds, big attitudes and so much beer I don’t know how the electronics survived! From the first moment singer Zac was throwing beer, leaping into the crowd and encouraging carnage, it was mayhem and I loved it! Albeit I’m far too old to get involved in any circle pits, I firmly installed myself by the barrier and did a fair bit of bouncing and fist pumping.

The music itself was amazing with tales of sex, drugs, alcohol and football. It’s true what their Spotify bio says the Skinner Brothers don’t give a fuck for the most part anyway. There was a different tone to the instantly singalongable Stupid Much with it’s particularly poigneint chorus about trusting too much which although as rowdy and loud as the rest of the set it also offered a more vulnerable side to the band. 1000 Reasons was one of my highlights and older song Chelsea Boy was a definitive crowd favourite. Whilst Put Me Down as a Maybe which I likened to The Happy Mondays in my album review, this sounded a lot less like them live but I could still imagine Bez jamming along with his maracas!

The amount of beer both consumed, wasted on stage as well as the half a case of Stella handed out to the crowd during this gig was crazy, there was so much spilled beer on the floor I’m amazed pedals still worked! I need to give a big shout out to the tour manager who had to leap on stage every time Zac decided to jump into the crowd or each time a beer was spilt. I imagine he has his work cut out keeping these boys in check!

Overall the gig was amazing, the new record sounds even better live than it does recorded and the show they put on is the perfect amount of rockstar. If you get the chance to go and see them live I highly recommend it. My only regret was not taking more time to familiarise myself with the older material beforehand.

As a side note I’ve had some contact with the band since following their page on IG, tagged them in my story on the night and a few other bits and I can say for all the on stage arrogance they are incredibly grateful and humble musicians.

I like The Skinner Brothers a lot…. as musicians and as people. I look forward to watching their career progress, I’ll definitely be there next time they play Norwich!