• Amy

LIVE REVIEW & GALLERY: Undercover Pangolin, Manners and Profanity & KAVES @ B2, Norwich


This was my first time at The Brickmakers. After some initial confusion when faced with lots of very young looking goths and a sign advertising Metal for the Masses, I eventually realised that it is two venues and I needed B2 - maybe the flyer should have made this clearer or maybe I'm old and easily confused!

It was a great line up of three fantastic Norwich bands all of whom I've seen before.

Undercover Pangolin

Still one of my favourite band names! I saw these guys back in February and was very impressed but tonight they were like a different band! They'd grown in confidence so much. The singer (I really wanted to find their names but couldn't, I'm sorry) owned the stage, making full use of the space and getting properly into the groove and the moment. While the bass player had partly traded her shoegaze stance for one that engaged much more with the crowd even offering a little rockstar jump!

Of course with this increase in confidence came an improved sound. The power in the singer's voice is incredible. I knew last time I watched them they reminded me of a band I like but I couldn't put my finger on who. Tonight it came to me, We Are the Ocean! Powerful, soulful and slightly bluesy vocals that are a pleasure to listen to.

I adore this band and I'm enjoying watching them grow and evolve. I'm excited to see what they’re like the next time I see them live.

Manners and Profanity

I'd only watched Manners and Profanity at the Voodoo Lounge 5 days prior to this gig, they were in fact the ones who had kindly invited me to cover this show.

You'd not think 5 days would make that much difference especially as they played the same set. This wasn't the case, their confidence had grown tenfold. Maybe they just needed to get the first gig nerves out of the way. No nakedness this time which I must admit I preferred. It was funny but I'm not one for gimmicks at gigs, I like the music to be the memorable part of the set…maybe I'm just boring!

Ricky's vocals were still raspy with southern vibes, although tonight I heard definite nu-metal influences and one song in particular (I can't remember the name) reminded me of Limp Bizkit. Hair of the Dog is classic drinking music, a song you can't help but dance to.

The band are great fun on stage, and the playful rapport between singer “Uncle” Ricky and bassist Doug is entertaining to watch.

I didn't expect much change in Manner and Profanity in the space of 5 days but I was wrong. Pretty sure we'll be seeing lots more from these boys in the future!


What is there to say about KAVES! I often tell people KAVES are my favourite Norwich band which is absolutely true but it's more than that, they're one of my favourite up and coming bands in general. All their records are in my Spotify heavy rotation and I'll happily recommend them to anyone who'll listen to me. If I were a record label I'd sign these guys in a heartbeat.

I first saw KAVES at the Waterfront Studio back in March (although I'd been listening to them for several months prior) and was blown away. I didn't expect tonight to top that gig but it did!

Caitlin is still easily the sweetest person in rock, Mia on bass is still infinitely cool and Tim on guitars has just written a book! The sound is polished, the vocals are smooth and soulful and the stage presence is that of stars.

Caitlin's lyrics are poignant with a playful edge, they're relatable, relevant and the words of someone who is wise beyond their years, and maybe a little more cynical than she should be too. God's Gift is sensational live, its just the perfect "fuck you" tune while Sanctuary shows a more vulnerable side and showcases the power in Caitlin's voice so well. I Just Want My Hoodie Back is a great set ending. I had to smile this time as Caitlin made a point of apologising to her mum, who was at the gig for swearing in the song ensuring her she was “still a good person”. It's little things like this that endear me to the band even more.

They still didn't play Anaesthetic but I’ll let them off as they’ve assured me they’ll play it next time!

I recommend checking out all the bands on the line-up. I think they all have bright futures ahead of them. The B2 stage hosted some amazing talent tonight!

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