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Luke Burr & Kaleena Zanders on New Episodes of 'Breaking Sound - My Story' Hosted by Kage Sanderson

‘MY STORY’ PODCAST HOSTED BY KAGE SANDERSON (CAPITOL RECORDS) RELEASES NEW EPISODES FEATURING LUKE BURR AND KALEENA ZANDERS PRESENTED BY BREAKING SOUND: THE PREMIUM MUSIC SOLUTIONS COMPANY SHOWCASING THE HOTTEST EMERGING ARTISTS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE On November 17th, Breaking Sound launched ‘My Story’ hosted by Kage Sanderson (Capitol Records). The new podcast goes down memory lane with rising talent and delves into their true origin stories, how it all began and what their journeys have been like since they vowed their lives to the stage. Details on episodes out now can be found below.

  • Episode 3 (December 1st): Kaleena Zanders - An explosive and captivating singer, songwriter and producer, Kaleena Zanders is most recently known for her empowering song “Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been." It was heard on a Toyota commercial and reached millions of listeners after premiering during Super Bowl LII and had a featured spot throughout the 2018 Winter Olympics. Her powerful voice has been featured on numerous popular dance music tracks – a path that kicked off after a highly successful collaboration with SNBRN called "California" (Chris Lake & Matroda remix). Combined with support from Diplo, Oliver Heldens, Benny Benassi, and many more "California" quickly became a quintessential dance music song, still played on the radio today. Kaleena has become a go-to vocalist in EDM, collaborating with Breathe Carolina, Moon Boots, Morgan Page, AC Slater, Loud Luxury, and more. She brings a new level of true musical artistry to the stage as well. Kaleena’s mesmerizing presence is apparent from the second she grabs the mic, having performed at major festivals including Coachella, EDC, CRSSD, Splash House, Kaskade's Sun Soaked LBC, LA Pride, and more. Already, one of her unreleased songs “Set Me Off” (produced by Dirty Monster) was featured in Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger on Freeform. The anticipation for Kaleena’s new material is immense & with her own collection of songs, she will be unstoppable.

  • Episode 2 (November 24th): Luke Burr - Hailing from Essex, Luke Burr found his love for music through listening to his father’s old soul records. Inspired by the incredible voices of Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, and George Benson, Luke started singing and playing piano at just five years old. fter a number of key performers that caught the music industries attention, Luke took part in notable sessions with the likes of Diztortion, KZ, Maths Time Joy, and more. During this period Luke was able to establish his now signature sound. Inspired by production that pushes the boundaries, his fearless approach to telling his story through his lyrics all while letting his soulful vocals connect with the audience has given him a credible sound that also carries a unique pop sensibility.

  • Episode 1 (November 17th): The Shadowboxer - An ensemble noted for their three-part vocal harmonies and soft rock veneer, The Shadowboxers started off as a backing band for the Indigo Girls and later worked and toured alongside mentor Justin Timberlake. The trio of Scott Tyler, Matt Lipkins, and Adam Hoffman bridge the gap between classic, harmony-driven melodies and contemporary pop-R&B rhythms as they carve out their lane as the modern-day Bee Gees.

Season 1 features more episodes to come with Cab Ellis, Maude Latour, Valentina Cy, and Wolves. Fans and subscribers can listen to episodes via Apple or Spotify. Stay tuned as Breaking Sound prepares to dominate the remainder of 2021 and kick off 2022 with a slew of exciting new announcements and developments. Upcoming events in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville can be found below. Full list, with up-to-date announcements here.

About Breaking Sound: Introducing the only music solutions company showcasing the hottest emerging artists from around the globe: Breaking Sound. With 60+ events monthly spanning across all major cities in the world and a global 24/7 internet radio network, they are empowering independent, unsigned, and emerging buzzworthy talent like never before. Founded by Calvin Goldspink and helmed by his seasoned team including Head of Music Yael Kempe (who has worked on the A&R production team for X Factor, America’s Got Talent, and the development team of Fifth Harmony), Breaking Sound have firsthand seen the struggles and lack of support for new artists. The collective goes beyond just a new artist platform, they have made this platform their mission to genuinely help the music community and calm the unnerving process of breaking into this industry on your own. Calvin Goldspink was a part of the successful Simon Fuller/Universal Records franchise S Club, selling over 5 million records and a TV series under his belt by the age of 15. Two years later, he starred in the CW’s Life Is Wild and had roles in Lifetime's William & Kate as well as FOX's X-Men Origins. Leaving his British childhood behind, Goldspink wrote his 2014 debut EP The Lemon Tree over the course of four years living in Hollywood. However, once detaching himself from the mainstream pop world, his experience putting out an independent and unsigned release proved to be equally fulfilling as was frustrating. He responded by creating Breaking Sound, with the goal of making an accessible yet premium performance platform for artists to play live and showcase to industry tastemakers. Goldspink states, “Having had the chance to see inside the mainstream music industry’s tight bubble, releasing music independently has given me perspective on the areas that need attention. Emerging artists are the source of the entire industry. Breaking Sound provides a platform to help support artists at their inception and has become the mission statement for my team and I to take on.” Breaking Sound has now expanded into 15 cities worldwide including major hubs like London, Los Angeles, Nashville, and New York. With 300 artists performing a month, they’re selling 3,000 monthly tickets and counting, and garnering 3-5 million social media impressions across their talent’s 50,000 follower count. Specializing in 250 capacity rooms, from gothic libraries to circus themed bars, each show is a uniquely curated experience for both fans and artists. Alumni talent includes Lauv, lovelytheband, Remi Wolf, Sam Fischer, and The Marías before they were signed. Breaking Sound have additionally partnered with the likes of iHeart, Live Nation, Sessions, Soho House, Splice, Westfield, Quadio, among others. Over the past year, the company has expanded rapidly and though COVID-19 has placed the majority of live music on hold, unprecedented circumstances have paved the way for Goldspink and his A-team to catapult the collective to new levels.

Upcoming events: Los Angeles: 12/1 @ Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - VEERS, Refund Division, Taylor Sackson, East of June 12/1 @ Adults Only - amanda williams, Natalie K, Ashlynn Malia, Spenser Young, Skylet Gunner 12/2 @ Resident - Chloé Caroline, Merchant, George Tyler Heffley & the Goldies 12/2 @ Adults Only - annah Rooth, Tucker Rivera, Katie Ward 12/4 @ The Peppermint Club LA x Live Nation Presents - Adrian Vera, Stereo Jane, Chance Perez, Hey Violet 12/6 @ Resident - CHILLERS INC, Mirella, Bianca Jazmine 12/7 @ Adults Only - COMPLEXIONS, Ni/Co 12/7 @ Madame Siam - jame minogue, Chris Wills, Aimee Vant, LUNA AURA, Izzy Kaye 12/7 @ Adults Only - COMPLEXIONS, Ni/Co, MERŌN 12/8 @ Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Christina Martino, Love, Alexa , Super Space Nation, Devan 12/8 @ Adults Only - Micah Manaitai, VANIA, LVXI, RitaRita 12/9 @ Adults Only - Arisq, STORM.A.K.A.STORM, Rokeaux 12/11 @ The Peppermint Club LA x Live Nation Presents - Corey V, Grant Knoche, Heather LaRose, + Luck 12/14 @ Madame Siam - Zane Christopher, Mandala, Samica 12/14 @ Adults Only - Chappell Roan 12/15 @ Adults Only - Christie Huff, Rhaina Yasmin, Lydia Kaseta 12/15 @ Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - little hannah, Michael Alexander 12/16 @ Adults Only - . Chelsea Perkins, Michael Lanza, Anderson Rocio 12/16 @ Resident - Skyler Day, Sara Lina 12/18 @ The Peppermint Club - Jesse Gold 12/18 @ The Peppermint Club LA x Live Nation Presents - Jesse Gold, Desduné, Gabriel Jayne, + Chandler Leighton 12/21 @ Madame Siam - Jex Nwalor, Reagan Capaci 12/29 @ Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - illunis New York City: 12/1 @ Berlin Under A - Holy Vulture, Jonathan Something, Teena 12/5 @ Berlin Under A - Socha, Haley Gold 12/5 @ Berlin Under A - Sam Obrist, Was and When, Caroline Sky, Harvey Leona 12/8 @ Berlin Under A - Zoos, Brooke Taylor, Bohemians, Jojomber + Parker 12/15 @ Berlin Under A - Arly Scott 12/19 @ Berlin Under A - REGALJASON, Alexander Walk, VINNI, Olivia Ellen Lloyd Nashville: 12/4 @ Analog at Hutton Hotel - Zach Stone, Natasha Blaine, Sly Boy, Brooke August

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