lullahush announces debut album & shares new single "When I'm Not Awake I'm Dreaming Of You"

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A City Made of Water and Small Love out May 27th

"Thoroughly unique, as beautiful in writing as it is to listen to" The Line of Best Fit "A game changing producer" Earmilk "Deftly original and innovative" Nialler9 "Frantically beautiful" District Magazine Irish multi-instrumentalist and producer lullahush announces debut album A City Made of Water and Small Love, an intricate love letter to the small, everyday moments that make up a life, due out May 27th. Today he has shared the first taste of things to come in the form of new single ‘When I’m Not Awake I’m Dreaming Of You’ ‘When I’m Not Awake…’ is based on a poem that lullahush’s friend wrote detailing a dream he had about his partner after one of their first dates. lullahush’s take on the poem was written in a single night, very instinctually, with little conscious thought or deliberation on any element. The verse battles with feelings of self-doubt around making music, resolved only by the need to keep creating no matter what other people think of it. lullahush’s process for ‘When I’m Not Awake…’ is summarised by a quote from an essay by Jorge Luis Borges: “Arthur Schopenhauer wrote that dreaming and wakefulness are the pages of a single book, and that to read them in order is to live, and to leaf through them at random, to dream.” The self-made video is made up of a collection of photographs, taken by lullahush’s best friends, Fiachra Corcoran, Aaron Lafferty, Emil Hernan and his girlfriend, Katie Freeney. The video, created when lullahush was living between Athens and Berlin, pays homage to the people he was missing whilst away from home. “The visual aspect of this project is all about trying to capture real life. I wanted this video to be a bit dramatic, be everything at once, every single feeling, every thought, in a sort of ecstatic outpouring, but above all else, be real”. The video, inspired by Richard Linklater’s films, evokes a perfect Irish summer’s day. “They're the most beautiful days you can imagine,” explains lullahush, “and where a lot of the music was born from. I wanted to capture the euphoria and make it feel like a dream, where your mind is flicking through different memories and ideas and making associations, but most importantly I wanted to celebrate my friends and make them smile” The album takes inspiration from the particularly Irish worldview of being able to find the magic in the everyday and exalt it to a higher plane. These observations are woven into an electronic landscape of patchwork synths and throbbing bass. lullahush’s music is at times bright and sparkling, at times low and sea-swayed, imbued always with a sense of warmth, longing and hope lullahush draws inspiration from the lilted beats of Mount Kimbie, Four Tet and Floating Points, the hushed ambience of Mary Lattimore, the attention to detail of Japanese composers like Ryuichi Sakamoto, Nobukazu Takemora and Aoki Takamasa, and the old school lyricism of Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen. He synthesises these influences to breathe human life into electronic machine sounds, holding the inherent chaos and awkwardness close. lullahush has already garnered praise for his productions and was nominated in 2020 for an Ivor Novello Rising Star Award in conjunction with Apple Music. He has also taken part in the Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin and has received press coverage from The Line of Best Fit, District Magazine and Nialler9, among many others.

lullahush A City Made of Water and Small Love (May 27th)

1. You Look Like You've Been Up All Night

2. If Spring Had A Spare Room I'd Rent It With You

3. Little Lagoon Lullaby

4. Love Is a Place Where You Go to Swim

5. Our Glass Lake

6. Terracotta Slow Dance

7. Elysium

8. Calm Like The Swans When There's Nobody at the Canal

9. When I'm Not Awake I'm Dreaming of You

10. Dublin