Minru sees the Light End

Debut album 'Liminality' to be released 8th July 2022 on Morr Music

Watch the video for new single "Light End" shot on Super 8 film in Sweden and Germany:


Minru is the project of Caroline Blomqvist, a Swedish musician based in Berlin. Woven from light and shadow, the interplay of her folk and indie-rock blend appears from a personal space of finding life after death. On her debut LP Liminality she paints melody in soft tones, whispering secrets to navigate feelings of loss.

Built around winding layers of acoustic guitar, piano, and strings, Minru is a surprisingly uplifting and stirring testament to Blomqvist’s own suffering from the passing of someone close to her. Returning to Berlin from Sweden feelings of grief, confusion, and pain travelled with her, and these emotions prompted the journey both of and within the album, heard as a dreamlike actualisation of wandering lost between them. "I read that (Swiss psychiatrist) Carl Jungused the word "Liminality” to describe the psychological process of transitioning. I instantly felt seen; it reflected my own experience and the feelings I carried whilst making the album – a sense of the old certainties being gone, but the new not being quite there yet,” she says.

Defined as "the threshold separating one space from another" Liminality moves between feeling the ground beneath your feet fall away, fighting through the darkness and the doubt, and the emerging shades of hope and light as you painstakingly make peace with mortality and find yourself as a person again. "I am happy to have encapsulated this moment of time in sound," Blomqvist says, "it will always be there as a memory."

Minru says on the making of the video for new single Light End: "At the beginning of the pandemic, I bought an old super 8 camera for like 15 Euro, not even sure it was working. I had been interested in this format for a while and wanted to find a way to document my life in the most natural way possible. The music video basically captures different moments from the time I was making my album: Winter days and songwriting sessions in my family’s mountain cabin in Sweden, lockdown spring at the seaside and summer in Berlin with friends. For me, it preserves this strange and special time of our lives, intimate moments and places left behind."