MNYS release new single "Backseat"

Los Angeles, California- Prolific writer and platinum selling producer Nick Cozine otherwise known as, MNYS has released another single on his new home of Pure Noise Records, titled "Backseat".

"Backseat" was written on my first ever trip to Nashville." says MNYS. "It's about a conflicted relationship. There are people that come in and out of your life and for various reasons the bond may go separate ways. "Backseat" is about that struggle of once being so close with someone and now not even on talking terms. There's no ill will - you've just grown apart. "What happens when we die?" - is metaphorically speaking about the relationship itself. We just become memories of one another. Nor sad or happy, just what it is."

Watch the video HERE & below or streaming services.

MNYS has spent a decade working on other artist projects, most recently he wrote "Thought It Was" for Iann Dior featuring MGK & Travis Barker.

This new chapter of music will have listeners embracing MNYS whilst he takes you on a ride of rollercaster of emotions, bridging the gap between the indie / Alt-Pop world.

MNYS previously released the singles 'Night Terrors' , 'Backwards', 'Big Bear', 'I Was A Pilot Once' & 'Sad Times' , 'In Progress' via Pure Noise.

He has been supported on numerous Spotify playlists like 'New Noise', 'The New Alt'', "FORYOU", "HYPERPOP" and also at Apple, Pandora and more.