Modern pop maestro Clo Sur releases debut 5 song album 'Blood and Sunshine Part 1'

Clo Sur Releases Debut 5 Song Album 'Blood and Sunshine Part 1'

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For Fans of Atmospheric Modern Pop Music

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Southern California musician/songwriter Clo Sur just released his new 5 track album 'Blood and Sunshine Part 1."

The title song 'Blood and Sunshine" is the next focus track and Clo Sur says it, "came from a place of recognizing that you can forgive, let go and move on without having some perfect moment of closure. I found the visual of blood drying out slowly in the sun really powerful and more accurate to my experience of healing."

Of the album he continues, "When looking at the songs I had written, there was a clear divide between the collection that felt really well defined by the title "Blood and Sunshine". Half of the songs are about reconciling with the past and half the songs are about being totally at peace in the present. It's a title that also reflects the sound of what Solo Ray (the producer) and I created. We wanted a fair amount of grit and saturation on each element while still feeling like polished pop music. "

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'Blood and Sunshine" lyric video:

'Blood and Sunshine Part 1' follows on the heels of Clo Sur's recent track "All My Fault," a collaboration with rising French artist Nezzy.

Clo Sur describes his music, which is driven by emotional lyrics and intimate and warm pop vocals, as "modern, but not leaning too heavily towards current pop production trends. There are synths and samples that can make a song sound super dated the following year, so I think it’s first important to have the songwriting really defined. I like to have a main instrument like piano or guitar at the center of the mix supporting the vocal. I think it grounds the song and makes it timeless. If a song I write can’t carry itself on its own, it’s not worth adding full production, and every song I release has to start from that principle. The supporting production will vary based on what I think a specific song is calling for."

Track Listing: 1 One More Time 2 All My Fault 3 Blood and Sunshine 4 The Wonder of You and I 5 While You Think It Over

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