• Tyler

MOVIE REVIEW - Jessie's Super Normal Regular Average Day

I had no prior knowledge of Jessie's Super Normal Regular Average Day (JSNRAD) before watching it, and I went into it with an open mind and no expectations. After watching it I can’t say I’m any wiser to what it’s actually about and may even be more confused. However, the film was certainly an eccentric and utterly unique experience.

"Is this even real? - Probably not”

This is a stoner comedy, a fact the movie makes clear from the start. The opening sequence is purposefully absurdist, littered with random imagery alongside drug paraphernalia and, interestingly, Ska music.

The film's style is striking. Vibrant colours and cluttered sets complement some of the most bizarre comedy I have ever seen. The protagonist’s journey is filled with ludicrous characters (like naked nuns speaking in tongues), nonsensical dialogue and some visually engaging scenes (the use of colour in the beach scenes is amazing)

Whilst the film can feel cheap at times, it is used to great comedic effect in certain scenes such as the scene in which the sofa is used as a car. The comedy can get a bit grating, though this is helped by the film's short running time (79 mins) and tendency to throw in some impressive animations that serve as a nice break from the repetitive dialogue.

Overall, I would consider JSNRAD to be one of those movies that get watched and rewatched with a group of friends after a trip to the pub ‘put that Jessie film on’. Good fun with surreal moments from start to end, and eye-catching visuals topped off with some endearing and memorable characters.

“I’m way too not high enough for this shit”

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