Murman Tsuladze, Paris' finest carpet floggers

Murman Tsuladze

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Taken from the upcoming EP 'The Apertist' out 25th March 2022

'..natural humour and rebellious spirit' - The Quietus

Murman Tsuladze was born between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, he comes from a country that no longer exists.

Accompanied by his cousin's first husband on the side of his aunt from a sibling, Zauri de Makhatchkala, and Aristophane Krikor Berdzenishvilli, a very distant cousin in love with the open sea, Murman finally decided to tell the whole world, in his own way and with a very natural bonhomie, how one loves on the Silk Road, and with what color is adorned the heart of a being in these regions where the vine is in bloom.

A force of nature with a hard head and a protruding eyebrow, but also an artist and charming poet, and above all a famous merchant of flying carpets, smuggler, cosmonaut, the road to silk offers all kinds of adventures to Murman.

Darling comes in as an EBM stomper that combines the melodies of their heritage with the mutant electronics of the French capital. “With the world crisis it's hard to sell flying Caprets, so we are trying other professions like we always use to do. "Life is hard" and the human being needs adapt.”


1. Gvibari

2. Darling

3. Sitting & Smoking

4. Rayon D'oré

5. The Closed The Roads

6. En Ogoz