New from our friends at Earth Agency

A round up of Earth's exciting new signings!

Haviah Mighty

Haviah Mighty didn’t need to change her birth name when she decided to dedicate her career to music. Mighty could not better describe Haviah’s craft of provocative challenges and uncompromising truths.

Based out of Brampton via Toronto, Haviah has spent a lifetime developing her skills as a songwriter, vocalist, producer, and performer, culminating in a style of profound introspection and incisive socio-political critique. Her dynamic combinations of rap, song, and instrumental transition seamlessly from hip-hop to soul to afrobeats with a meticulous flow and cadence that transcends any traditional expectation of genre.

Tycho Jones

Tycho Jones is a 21-year-old musician from Hackney, London. His single “Don’t Be Afraid”, which currently has nearly 3 million streams on Spotify, is the lead track on his debut mixtape TYCHONAUT, a body of work that’s the culmination of the first year of the exciting young artist’s career.

Tycho reveals: “The TYCHONAUT mixtape has been a long-time coming. It consolidates the last two crazy years of my life both lyrically and literally. It is a mix of genres and sounds that were informed by the energy, emotions, and narratives of this time. It’s extremely personal and reflective yet also captures being young in the pandemic.”

Hinako Omori

Bringing together therapeutic frequencies, forest bathing, and binaural sound, Hinako Omori’s “a journey…” combines inner healing and natural landscapes into in an immersive cartography of the mind in ambient electronics. The album progresses not track by track but as a continuous journey; a stream of consciousness tracing hills and valleys with the warmth of analogue synthesis and Omori’s voice always close at hand. It is an album with a spirit and awareness, that invites us to create a home within its sonic architectures, to find moments of peace amid our own cognitive distortions.

Vega Trails

Vega Trails is a new project from double-bassist and composer Milo Fitzpatrick, a founder member of Portico Quartet and features saxophonist Jordan Smart (Mammal Hands, Sunda Arc) in a richly powerful duo bringing together two powerfully charismatic musicians. The project was born out of a desire to bring the elements of bass and melody to the foreground in their rawest form.

Niklas Paschburg

Composer, pianist and producer, Niklas Paschburg’s debut dates back to 2016 with the EP ‘Tuur Mang Welten’ which brought him to the attention of !K7 Records. He has since released two full albums Oceanic 2018 and Svalbard in 2020, along with his ‘Post-Svalbard’ featuring remixes and collaborations with artists including Hania Rani, Dobrawa Czocher, Robert Lippok, Ah Kosmos and others.

He has created a particular style for his music that stems from classical (having studied piano and composition) with ambient, pop and electronica, creating a beautiful ambient pop chill-out which is the real trademark of this artist. Other collaborations include with RYX, Asgeir, Nils Hoffman, Gabríel Ólafs and multiple projects soundtracking for film and TV.


As a native South London artist, rapper, and model BZ continues to evolve his artistry through Afro-influenced production blended with a Hip Hop cadence. With his last 2 singles hitting over 400,000 views/streams across YouTube and streaming platforms, featured on GUAP & New Waze, BZ has caught the attention of the UK’s most respected tastemakers such as DJ Target, Sian Anderson, plus many more.

He has received the honour of BBC Introducing track of the Week on 1Xtra, R1 Soundsytem with Jeremiah Asiamah’s Coldest Record twice, DJ Semtex’s ‘5 tracks you need to know’ twice and has been added to the Kiss fresh playlist.

BZ continues to expand his vision through exceeding creative expectations, both visually and sonically. Safe to say: he’s one to remember.