• Amy

NEW SINGLE: The Plastic Youth - No Beginning

I'm in love! When I saw "No Beginning" was produced by Gerry Love formerly of Teenage Fanclub I knew I was in for a treat!

"No Beginning" is the latest release from Glasgow based 4 piece The Plastic Youth who have been hand picked and championed by the former Teenage Fanclub co-founder who hotly tips them for great things.

The song combines jangly guitars reminiscent of Love's former bands offerings, and sounds like it would be perfectly at home on "Songs from Northern Britain" with its infectious melodies and up-tempo summer sounds. It has a 60's feel and gives me some serious Beatles vibes with a bit of added psychedelia which adds an extra dimension.

It might only be 2 minutes and 18 seconds long but it makes itself known. Their singer has a unique voice with the capability of reaching some pretty high notes too. It's catchy, memorable and is sure to have you wanting more.

The band have recorded a collection of songs at Riverside Studio which have all been produced by Love so I'm excited to see what future releases have to offer. I'm a massive Teenage Fanclub fan so The Plastic Youth are right up my street.