Nicole Faux Naiv releases new single 'Tomorrow Was A Summer Day in 2001'

Taken from her debut album Moon Rally released 22nd April 2022 on Bronze Rat

"Moon Rally is that often elusive thing: a dream worth having." The Line of Best Fit

Born to former Soviet parents in the small town of Olpe in Germany, Nicole grew up speaking both German and Russian and this duality greatly influences her music. Moon Rally was born in her Berlin apartment but working with producer Robbie Moore (Florence + The Machine and Little Simz) she brought the album to life in a studio. Together they created a record that gleams with both the rush of possibility and the multitude of influences that are entangled within it. Nicole’s love for Russian post-punk of the 1990s, French synth-pop, and old soviet movie soundtracks are evident throughout and she somehow shapes all of these different trails into something beautifully cohesive. She sees it as a diary, a musical collage of moods - some fleeting, others far more meaningful. “When I created this music, I had all kinds of influences in my head, lots of fragments from different music styles,” she says of the album. “A lot of the songs are about dreams - daydreams and normal dreams and also memories from my childhood. You have these different fragments of memory and some of them are very colourful, and some of them are very strange.”

Nicole previously released Moon Rally’s title track as well as “Imaginary Boy.”