Niilas announces new album "Stone Skipping"

Self-released through Niilas on 20th May 2022 Check first cut 'Driving To Gárasavvon' here:

Niilas is the moniker of Peder Niilas Tårnesvik, electronica producer from Bergen, Norway, who received widespread acclaim for his last album “Also This Will Change”, winner of Spellemann 2020, the “Norwegian grammys” . He has established himself as one of Norway’s most interesting electronica producers with his innovative and detailed soundscapes. "The road-trip track 'Driving To Gárasavvon' presents the climax of the record" as Niilas elegantly blends lush synths, driving percussion and santoor-drips from Mirsaeed into a monumental sampling of the late Nils Aslak Valkeapää. Niilas returns with a personal, ornate and experimental second-album. “Stone Skipping” is an episodic deep-dive into experimental Sami Electronica, and a personal journey through his relationship to northern-Norway. The album features a more relaxed and ambient mood, where he presents memories, experiences and emotions through electronics, samples, field-recordings, and live-instrumentation. Tracklist 1. BGR (Big Gray Rock) 2. Solund Auto 3. Driving To Gárasavvon 4. Stone Skipping 5. Little Foot 6. Áddja 7. Ráfi (In Love) 8. Down To The Shore (Ned I Fjæra) 9. Going Up Again 10. Pieces Bandcamp | Spotify | Twitter | Instagram