Phosphorescent-collaborator Jo Schornikow explores the fear & beauty in Loss on “lose Yr Love”



Credit Emily Dorio // Hi-res version

Nashville-based, Melbourne by way of NYC-bred singer-songwriter Jo Schornikow has shared the second offering from her forthcoming album ALTAR, out May 20 via Keeled Scales. “Lose Yr Love” gives another glimpse into her thoughtful songcraft, recalling Warren Zevon in the way she marries an honest, almost folk-indebted approach with a more abstracted lyrical style. A subtly shifting wash of synthesizers sparkle at the edges of a layered vocal arrangement as Schornikow uses ocean imagery to reflect on her own experience of loss. The song, which follows recently released “warm, wry” (Brooklyn Vegan) “Visions,” is accompanied by a video directed by Ives Salbert that was shot in an East Nashville junkyard and in partner Matthew Houck of Phosphorescent’s studio, and features a brief cameo from Schornikow’s two children.

'Lose Yr Love' grew from a real-life nightmare of losing someone,” Schornikow explains. “The song explores the fear before the fall-out, before finality. It's a quick and awful spiral, but also a natural counterside of love. I think we found the beauty that exists in this incredibly bleak space.


Atop Schornikow’s piano is an altar filled with pieces from her life: a life that led her from jazz bars to church organs, performing on tour around the world with Houck and Phosphorescent, and home to their two children - pieces that were once housed in dusty boxes when she lost her sense of self.

ALTAR, out May 20 via Keeled Scales, is named as a tribute to the thread that ties together and celebrates all her various selves. The title also nods to its homophone’s definition of 'change' and the German translation of its truncate meaning ‘elder.’ It’s a joyously vulnerable pronouncement of her purposeful presence, a protean spirit transmitted. The seeds of this album were tended to by Jo throughout loud, intense years of heavy touring, and quiet, intense years of early motherhood, growing through whatever cracks were found in those dual foundations.

ALTAR was recorded between Nashville and Melbourne and is co-produced by Schornikow and Selwyn Cozens.

This spring, Schornikow will perform at St. David’s Episcopal Church during SXSW with additional Southern headline performances and an East Coast tour with Joe Vann announced. Tickets available here:

SXSW dates:

Mar 16 - Austin, TX @ Outer Space (Presented by Nicely Done Co-Op) (2:00pm)

Mar 16 - Austin, TX @ Australia House at Lucille’s (4:55pm)

Mar 18 - Austin, TX @ Bethell Hall at St. David’s Episcopal Church (Official SXSW showcase) (9:30pm)