PREVIEW: Norwich Anime & Gamin Con, 6th & 7th August @ UEA Students Union

Click Roll Boom will be attending Norwich Anime & Gaming Con happening August 6th to 7th at Norwich UEA Student Union.

It is set to be a fun packed weekend on all things Anime, Cosplay and Gaming! We can't wait!

Some highlights include (text taken from event website):

Anime Viewing Room: An entire area dedicated to anime viewing and chill-out where you can watch your favourite titles bought to you by MVM and Crunchyroll! As well as Anime there will be a variety of internet screenings from well known series, such as DBZ abridged.

Manga Artists: Will be present as part of our Artist’s Alley. This will also include an area where you can sit down, draw and learn new art-tricks.

Anime/Geek Exhibitors: Expect a wide range of anime and gaming merchandise, DVDs, manga and more. A full list of exhibitors and artists in attendance will be released closer to the event.

Live J-Pop/Anime themed Performers: There will be several live performers from J-Pop, Anime inspired singers and performers throughout the day. For a full list, event website.

Cosplay Guests, Talks & Workshops: We will have some of the best cosplayers in the UK starring at this year’s event. They will provide talks and workshops throughout the day. Talks vary but previous events we have run have seen A beginners guide, Cosplay on a budget, Cosplay Props & Worbla, Mental Health in Cosplay, Plushie Making, Performing at cons, Steampunk and much more!

A Fun Time for Cosplayers, involving YOU!: It’s not all about contests and guests. We seek to include everyone, so we have many events to get involved with including the Cosplay Auction where you put yourself up for bid to raise money for charity. We also run events such as the Cosplay Blind-Date and Quickfire Cosplay as examples and much more. From the serious and professional to the fun and silly, our cosplay events have something for everyone.

Cosplay Chillout & Photography Area: In addition there will be areas put aside for cosplayers to chillout, to have their photos taken and much more. All in all we seek to give cosplayers an amazingly fun time with many activities and events to make new friends and awesome experiences at!

RPG Scheduled Adventures: Roughly two-hour scheduled adventures (see timetable for details); come along and sign up on the day for any of our games – to be confirmed at a later time.

Pick Up & Play RPGs: Almost a dozen quick and simple drop-in Indie RPGs you can just turn up and play including Microscope, Dogs in the Vineyard, Parsely, Narrative Cage Match, Doctor Magnethands, PreHysteria, Not The Bees!

Board Games include: Bang!, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Carcassonne, Cards Against Humanity, Channel A, Concept, Coup, Dixit, Dungeon Roll, Flame War, Fluxx, Forbidden Island, Hanabi, Love Letter, Munchkin, Pandemic, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Shadow Hunters, Snake Oil, Takenoko, The Resistance and more. We have a massive selection of nearly 100 games to pick from.

TCGing: There will be tournaments with prizes provided throughout both days as well as free-play sessions. Tournaments typically include Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon and Magic the Gathering. Tournaments are confirmed on the event schedule. Cards are not provided, so please bring your own. Standard tournament rules typically apply – please ask on the day for any specific rules or the banned card list.

Full details of everything happening at the event can be found HERE

Tickets are on sale NOW!

Priced at:

Both Days (£25)

All Saturday (£15)

All Sunday (£12)

And can be purchsed HERE!

Tickets include free of charge access to all the parties and late-night events up until midnight on Saturday and Sunday (Same venue). The parties shall feature Free Glowsticks and fun and geeky shenanigans. Parties include karaoke earlier on followed everything from geeky to cheesy to all your best tunes.