PREVIEW & PLAYLIST: Neck of the Wood Festival @ Earlham Park, Norwich on 29th May 2022

Here at Click Roll Boom HQ we can barely contain out excitement for the inaugural year of Norwich's Neck of the Woods Festival happening at Earlham Park on May 29th.

To give you a flavour of all the exciting artists on the line up and a taste of the diversity that's on offer we've created a playlist of our favourite song by each one.

Here's a few snippets of what's been said about some of the artists on the line-up!

"Little Comets exist simply because they love making music"

(from the bands Spotify bio)

"f you like your rock loud and anthemic you're going to love Homesick."

(from our review of Sea Girl's Homesick record)

"Combining their razor tongue wit, cheeky bravado and undeniably danceable licks"

(From Youth Killed It's Spotify bio)

“Classic indie guitar lines, soaring vocals and massive personality.”

(Radio X's description of RATS)

"it sounds so unhurried and just has a lovely jangle to it."

(Radio 6's Steve Lamacq's thoughts on THE GOA EXPRESS's Second Time single)

"whimsical yet lively with rolling waves of dynamics"

(from our review of KAWALA's Better With You album)

"STONE are a diffusion of the limitless cultures and subcultures they’ve had access to growing up in the digital age"

(from the bands Spotify bio)

"each song sounded polished and delivered like a band who had been in the industry for years"

(from our review of the DMA's @ The LCR last year)

"helping you get through shit one song at a time."

(From Cat Burn's Instagram bio)

“kaleidoscopic guitar janglers”

(description of Delights from their Spotify bio)

To connect with the bands please see links on their Spotify account.

Get your tickets for Neck of the Wood HERE

& Click Roll Boom will see you down the front!!