Prince Daddy and the Hyenas Self Titled debut album is OUT NOW!



Prince Daddy & The Hyena

To some extent, we're all a little afraid of dying, but for Prince Daddy & The Hyena's Kory Gregory, his fear nearly took his life instead. After a near-tragic van accident in the winter before the band released their groundbreaking second LP, Cosmic Thrill Seekers, Gregory admitted himself to an in-patient facility to process his overwhelming thanatophobia. It was there that the pieces to his life's great puzzle--both literally and figuratively--began to take shape. Intentionally, then, Prince Daddy & The Hyena––their first self-titled but the third in their growing discography of boundary-pushing indie-punk––feels like a car crash itself. Recorded by Nick "Scoops" Dardaris at the Barber Shop Studios in New Jersey, PD&TH whiplashes from song to song, opening up boundless doors for where the Albany, NY band could take things next. "I think the record as a whole, as a journey, feels bittersweet and hopeful in a way," Gregory explains. Throughout, we unpack his obsessive fear of death through some of the most adventurous Prince Daddy songs to date. At the album's closing is "Black Mold," a 9-minute magnum opus that captures the darkness and levity the band has become known for, immediately followed by the sweet "Baby Blue." It's like something's blooming after the lowest point of the record. "In other words: we're all going to die, so we might as well enjoy the ride before we do." Prince Daddy & The Hyena comes out on NOW and is available to order from Pure Noise Records. Prince Daddy & The Hyena Tracklist: 1. Adore The Sun 2. A Random Exercise In Impermanence (The Collector) 3. Jesus Fucking Christ 4. Something Special 5. El Dorado 6. Hollow, As You Figured 7. Curly Q 8. Keep Up That Talk 9. Shoelaces 10. In Just One Piece 11. Discount Assisted Living 12. Black Mold 13. Baby Blue