• Tyler

REVIEW: Jack Garrett - "Love, Death and Dancing"

New album from Jack Garrett - Love, Death and Dancing - Out 12 June

A contemporary artist on the ascending, this is a good album with electronica, synths,and melody that instantly install in your mind giving you an ear worm for the day. There are hints of Craig David and Elle Gouldings with lyrics telling stories as well as catchy melodies.

Not to be confused with bubblegum pop, this is a well crafted and well put together album. There are some songs that are purely album tracks and should remain so, not that they’re bad songs but in my opinion they are not commercial enough for radio play. Others though are stand out singles.

This is not my preference of music genre but found it a delightful diversion from my usual listening of mainly guitar based bands.

To sum up, Jack Garrett has a great voice, great arrangements of good songs by a very talented artist.




Mend a heart


Score:4 out of 5

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