Ryan Redwood is back with a bang with this first offering of new music in 2022, "Late" is OUT NOW!

After the three releases last year, Ryan is definitely stepping up his game not only in songwriting but with production too with the help of Producer Sam Wilson.

Not only Musically but Lyrically 'Late' stands above and beyond what we've heard from Ryan so far as he tells the tale of two lovers who have a strain on their relationship due to being away from each other.

"You're drinking at Uni again, I'll stay in writing tunes"

With a massive chorus reminiscent of all them festival headlining Indie Bands we've come accustomed too. 'Late' could definitely stand on its own among them great arena-filling tunes.

Since the release of 'Late' Ryan has finished a UK Tour in March/April and has recently played a very special hometown show at The Seagull Theatre in Lowestoft.

Listen to "Late" HERE

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