sadeyes set to drop new album "monarch" on 11th February

and shares 'i'm not okay' featuring Lil Xtra & nothing, nowhere.


Today, sadeyes shares 'i’m not okay' featuring Lil Xtra & nothing, nowhere. The track packed with emotional lyrics, amplified by haunting vocals is about “that feeling of being stuck in a loop, like you’re stuck and nothings changing no matter what you tell yourself,” sadeyes explains. Check out the lyric video by sadeyes alongside video director Phvzes here. “[‘monarch’] gave me the opportunity to challenge myself, it’s scary making music about new topics with new sounds and themes but it’s also very freeing and therapeutic. I needed this. Music has always been a place I go when I felt alone, but it ironically introduced me to some of my favorite people in the world,” says sadeyes about the record. Elsewhere on the record, you can find guest spots from guccihighwaters, days to waste, and powfu. Since his start in 2017, sadeyes has released a carefully crafted catalog of over two dozen singles and two EPs. As his name might suggest, sadeyes’ lyrics draw deeply from his personal experience with all facets of human emotion—and the trek he’s had that inspires his storytelling. Love, heartbreak, personal loss, and reprieve of mental health are themes common throughout his songs. Over the course of his career, sadeyes amassed over 140M+ streams, 820k+ monthly listeners, and an assiduous fanbase that proliferates with each release. 'monarch' track listing:

  1. scumbag

  2. i'm not okay (ft. lil xtra & nothing, nowhere)

  3. fast life (ft. guccihighwaters)

  4. chemicals

  5. unexpected

  6. hopeless

  7. poison

  8. hi hru

  9. PPL ALWAYS MAKE SHT FKN WORSE (ft. days to waste)

  10. something you hate

  11. one more time

  12. fragile teen

  13. i got yr message

  14. goodbye (ft. powfu)