• Scott

Scott's Influential Albums

Everyone will have seen these kinds of posts going round on social media the moment.

"I’ve been asked to choose ten albums that have greatly influenced my taste in music.

One album per day, no explanations blah blah blah"

So I thought I'd do it here but slightly differently as there may be a little explanation or memory along with it and there may be more than ten let's see what happens so the first one is kinda obvious to anyone that knows me.

1983 - Big Country - The Crossing

All down to my dad, but those twin lead guitars and bagpipe like sounds along with the thunderous drums got me hooked. Amazing live and 37 years later I'm still going to see them live. RIP Stuart

1989 - Aerosmith - Pump

First time I heard this was at a friend's house when I was around 15 years old. I played Love in an Elevator and Janie's got a gun over and over....

1991 - Michael Jackson - Dangerous

I liked Michael Jackson's music before this, but this album was huge. Topped only by seeing him live at Roundhay Park, Leeds in August 1992. I was 13 and it was possible my first live gig and I finally understood. When you see these people crying with emotion and literally just screaming with excitement I thought they were bonkers. But when Michael Jackson popped up out of the stage I was gone.

Dodgy private life aside his music is still amazing.

1992 - The Shamen - Boss Drum

I think I got into this through Ebeneezer Goode, but seem to remember liking Move Any Mountain from a Smash Hits compilation album before this. Either was Boss Drum got me more interested in Electronica and Trance.

1985 - Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms

Another I blame on my dad. I remember him playing the record a lot when I was younger it's great from start to finish. Walk of Life, Money for Nothing and of course Brothers in Arms are particular highlights.

1994 - R.E.M - Monster

Straight from Britannia Music Club this woke me up every morning for probably a year. My first owner hifi system bough from Miller Brothers was a Sony with a rotating platter for shuffling 5cd's. But when setting the alarm it would only ever play CD1 Track1 - What's The Frequency Kenneth. Not a bad way to start the morning even if it was EVERY morning.

1996 - Kula Shaker- K

I'd heard them on the radio around the time and liked it but the album was brilliant with its Indian mysticism and Grateful Dead influences. I was lucky to see them live when touring the second album and then again for the 15 year anniversary tour.

1994 - Oasis - Definitely Maybe

I was BIG into Oasis and have every CD single from the first 3 albums with many of the B sides being played more often.

Unfortunately I never saw them live.

1995- The Beatles - Anthology 1

Of course I knew who the Beatles were before this. But following from Oasis it made sense to delve a bit deeper and just so happened that at the time this compilation album was released. It contains "Free as a Bird", the first new Beatles song in 25 years. I followed this up by getting Anthology 2 & 3 and then a number of the original albums too.

2016 - Biffy Clyro - Ellipsis

Bit more recent this one I must have been hiding under a rock because apart from Mountains. I was very fortunate to win tickets to see them touring this album. Wow what a noise, brilliant live rock band. From then on I've been a little obsessed, the new album 'Instant History' is a belter too! "Hey Gaaaaaawwwwd!"

So there you go there are many many more that didn't make this list and I had to think long and hard about some of them. Who knows I may follow this up with another 10 at some point.

Bye for now,