• Amy


I make no secret of the fact I like ballsy, slightly pretentious female fronted metal/alt rock and Brighton rockers ADALIA fit that brief perfectly!

Romeo is the 4th single from the band and follows 2020’s “Chemical Hearts”

There's big vocals, epic riffs, trashing drums and attitude at every second and I love it!

It reminds me of Halestorm both in music, vocals and sentiment.

The song addresses the drunken comradery between total strangers in the ladies toilets on a night out, something I'm sure every girl has experienced. Its follows the story of a girl broken and haunted by her past as she comes to the realisation that she is enough.

It's the kind of song that empowers with its soaring, articulate vocals and polished sound. The sort of record that makes you walk three inches taller when you listen.

It combines alt rock and somewhat gothic metal to create a sound that needs to be played loud to be fully appreciated. One play and you'll be as obsessed as I am!