• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: BlackLip - What I Have Become

BlackLip is a gender fluid soloist from Indiana. He's been sporadically releasing singles on Spotify since 2020 where he has accrued 130 monthly listens. “What I Have Become” is his fourth single on the platform.

I'll admit on first listen I wasn't sure what to make of "What I Have Become" at times it's a bit too poppy for my taste and it took a few listens to take the whole song in.

It infuses multiple genres starting off sounding pop almost boyband-eque, then shifts to a more soulful R'n'B vibe before becoming an epic alt rock number infused with metalcore tendencies. I think if I were to categorise the songs genre I would call it heavy pop.

BlackLip's voice is pure power, an immense arena filling sound. It's easy on the ear, smooth and captivating however I found “What I Have Become” a little weak and lackluster lyrically. The song, while enjoyable, didn't do his voice justice.

For me the track was a slow burner but after a few listens it grew on me, it's quite unique with lots of twists and turns in its 3 minute 14 second duration. BlackLip is big on talent and has massive potential. I will be interested to watch his career progress and his songwriting evolve.