• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: Charles Connolly ft Wilko Wilkes - This is How the Story Begins

I've reviewed a lot of singles in the last 7 day and if we had "Single of the Week" this would be it!

Charles Connolly is a London based singer songwriter who spans multiple genres. "This is How the Story Begins" features Yorkshire based alternative rapper Wilko Wilkes.

The track is so different and unique, and had instant wow factor for me. I love how the song combines fast paced rap with classic, dreamy indie vocals that remind me a lot of bands such as the Super Furry Animals. On paper it's the kind of project I would be inclined to dismiss as it shouldn't work but in reality it's one of the best genre crossovers I've heard.

Charles' voice is everything I want from an indie singer, polished but still with a raw edge, while Wilko is one of the only rappers I like.

"This is How the Story Begins" deals with a dark subject matter of addiction and hopelessness. It talks about building yourself back up from the bottom. It's poignant stuff but I like how even in addressing something so serious the lyrics manage to inject a few lighter thoughts such as the reference to being "charming as Carling"

Both artists are very real, their lyrics are relevant and relatable whilst being neatly presented in a catchy tune.

Maybe this song isn't for everyone but I think everyone should give it a try. I hope these two collaborate more in future because I think they could be onto something really quite special! Both are immense talents with heaps of originality, together they could take the world by storm!