• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: Dutch Criminal Record - Light Up

Portsmouth Surf Rockers Dutch Criminal Record have recently signed with the infamous independent record label Alcopop! Records. "Light Up" is the bands debut release on the label and the follow up to 2021's "It's Gonna Be Okay."

The band who have released a plethora of singles dating right back to 2014 self titled offering and have amassed quite the following on Spotify with 156,000 monthly listens while a handful of songs sit at over a million plays each.

"Light Up" is one of the best examples of indie pop I've heard this year. The track mixes all the right ingredients to make it the perfect song for summer!

It starts off with a real 80's, New Romantic feel, shifting to a somewhat Shoegaze vibe before finally settling into a beautiful array of jangly guitars, playful drums and summery vocals that can't help but lift your spirits and make you smile.

The song is old school indie and has a definite late 80's/early 90's sound. Musically it reminds me a lot of the Smiths, while the vocals are reminiscent of bands such as Teenage Fanclub. There are some lovely vocal harmonies too which I'm a big fan of.

It's whimsical but catchy. The lyrics ponder the speed in which life changes and how sometimes you can't help but think about the "good old days." It's a thoughtful song but not so deep you get bogged down in angst. The repeated "put a smile back on your face" is sure to embed itself in your memory from first listen

It's a great song, one I can see myself revisiting for the rest of the summer and beyond!

As a side note, I’m not sure of the origin behind the band name but I love it!