• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: Gears - I Don't Want to Say Goodbye (Nunca Me Digas Adiós)

Florida based Gears have been steadily releasing singles since 2015 and have amassed a healthy 9k of monthly Spotify listens. "I Don't Want to Say Goodbye (Nunca Me Digas Adiós)” follows September 2021's "Wasteland"

The song starts with some intricate latin-esque guitars before bursting into the chant of Nunca Me Digas Adiós then heading on to some crashing metalcore drums which are followed by some beautifully melodic vocals also with a Latin vibe. The song builds and mellows throughout with the ultimate in powerhouse chorus and repeated Spanish interludes.

The track’s lyrics depict a feeling of hopelessness, self deprecation, blame and the longing for the person you love to not give up. It's so passionate, the kind of song where you can feel the pain in every word.

At one point the lyrics question "maybe the problem was me" which is preceded by a laugh possibly suggesting the acceptance they always mess up or maybe to signify they're taking the blame when it's not all their fault in reality. It's thought provoking stuff.

"I Don't Want to Say Goodbye" is a mix of chaotic drums, big riffs, intimate guitars and breath taking vocals. There's nothing not to like about this song, it's immense! I recommend listening to it loud with your eyes shut so you can fully immerse yourself in the moment.