• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: Jo-Jo and the Teeth - No More Good News

JoJo and the Teeth are a London based quintet fronted by Canadian singer Jo-Jo O'Donoghue. "No More Good News" is the second single from their upcoming album by the same name.

The song was written after the death of Tom Petting in 2017 following the passing of David Bowie the year before. The song features a reference to Petty's "Wild Flowers"

“No More Good News" is glam and grungy with both articulate and raw vocals. Jo-Jo has a fantastic voice but I like that the song hasn’t been overproduced causing it to lose its edge.

It's an explosion of punked up glamour that could almost be described as a show tune. I imagine it would be an epic song to see live. As you can see from the singles cover art Jo-Jo and the Teeth appear quite the effort!

It is riff heavy with lots of swagger and energy whilst being catchy with a slightly pretentious attitude.

It mixes rock n roll with elements of pop, punk, grunge and blues….a bit of everything really! It's the kind of song that's so diverse it will appeal to almost every one and Jo-Jo's energy is definitely infectious.

I highly recommend giving this track a spin!

I'm obsessed with the music video for the track, fits the song so well!