• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: JW Paris - Electric Candle Light (ECL)

Wow! JW Paris have taken the best bits of so many bands and smooshed them together and Electric Candle Light is the result.

I can hear elements of Oasis, the Libertines, Suede as well as heavy influences from punk and classic rock from the 70's and 80's. While the song itself feels like it came straight out of the early 2000's.

The nonchalant sound of Electric Candle Light has just the right amount of confidence and the raw passion really fits with the music I'm loving at the moment.

I've had the pleasure of seeing JW Paris live and the energy and stage presence is undeniably captivating. I really rate this band and highly recommend giving them a go.

To coincide with the release of Electric Candle Light; Click Roll Boom caught up with them to learn a bit more about the band's roots and plans for the future. Click HERE to read our interview.

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