• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: Mango In Euphoria - Goddess

I went into this review more or less blind, we got a very vague contact via the website with a quote from “Louder Than War” that suggested what I was about to hear was a pop song, I got a bit of a pleasant surprise!

Firstly upon looking at the singles artwork on Spotify, a naked lady with strategically placed baseball bat and X’s greeted me. For some reason my mind instantly thought I was about to listen to a male band so when I was greeted by a female voice I was a little taken aback. Yes, I know making assumptions is wrong and I know I could have Googled or gone on socials but where's the fun in that. Sometimes with these reviews the element of surprise is half the fun!

Once all my preconceived ideas were proved totally wrong, what I was left with was a stunning example of music I’m not really sure how to describe. In parts it's very dark electronica similar to bands such as Angelspit, where in others it's like a club pop anthem but it also has rock and gothic metal elements. Overall it's a really interesting listen. With a big sound that would be at home in a Ibiza club or on a stage at Download.

Sometimes “Goddess” has sexy, sultry, slightly sinister vocals and sometimes they’re epic and rocky before transitioning into pure pop. It's so hard to describe or pigeonhole this song as it shifts so much. My best advice is give it a listen you’ll see what I mean!

I think this track will appeal to both rock and pop fans, there's so much going on it truly is a song for everyone.

I listened a day after release and was disappointed the Spotify listen count was a mere 1 per month. I listened again today and it has risen to 81 which I'm pleased about, this is too good not to be enjoyed. Mango in Euphoria is a hell of a talent and a hell of a voice. While I don't agree with the pop classification I think Rob John is on to something when he said "Within a year Mango In Euphoria will be one of the first true post pandemic pop stars" - John Robb, Louder Than War