• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: Morning Midnight - Blurry

Morning Midnight return with a follow up to "Paradise" and it's every bit as wonderful as its predecessor.

There's something magical and endearing about Morning Midnight, their music is so warm and soothing it's almost like having a hug. It calms your mind with its beautiful tranquillity.

They’re a very special band with quality and purity not often seen. Much like "Paradise", "Blurry" is the kind of song best enjoyed with your eyes closed and no distractions so you can fully immerse yourself in the sounds and let the music take over.

It's such a dreamy song, with gorgeous captivating vocals with stunning harmonies. The singer has one of the most incredible, gentle, captivating voices I’ve heard.

"Blurry" is semi acoustic. At times it is musically simplistic and lo-fi while at others the tempo increases from its quiet folk stance to a more upbeat slightly electronica feel with beautiful violins and wonderful chilled drums that give off summer vibes.

In my last review I said "Paradise" reminded me of Youth Groups cover of "Forever Young" and "Blurry" reminds me of the same, but with an added contemporary folk element similar to Thea Gilmore or The Unthanks.

Morning Midnight have one of the prettiest, purest sounds I've ever heard, they're music isn't just a song it's a feeling and a few minutes of calm in a crazy world. I cannot speak highly enough about this band. "Blurry" is a first class song. If you like your music dreamy and lo-fi I really recommend giving it a listen.