• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: Morning Midnight - Paradise

Morning Midnight are a Glasgow based lo-fi indie duo consisting of vocalist Jordan Scott and Jess Passcal who provides piano and synths. They released their debut single "Ancoats Junction'' in 2019 and at present have amassed 41k of monthly Spotify listens.

“Paradise” is absolutely beautiful. No words seem to fully encapsulate just how gorgeous and dreamy this song is.

The band have stated that the song is about the moment you realise a relationship needs to end and the moment it actually does, "don't ever ask me why, we never found our paradise." If you give it an intense listen, giving the words your full attention it's heartbreaking stuff. As the band's Instagram bio says they write "songs to cry to in the shower” and “Paradise” is sure to get you emotional.

I love vocal harmonies and "Paradise" has some of the prettiest ones I've heard in a long time, both voices just melting together perfectly into one. The musical backdrop is straightforward which is fitting, anything too fancy or complicated would take away all the feelings and beauty. This song had me covered in goosebumps from first listen.

I knew straightaway "Paradise" had a familiar sound but it took me a while to figure out what, it reminds me of Youth Groups cover of "Forever Young" with its lo-fi, dreamy, trance-like simplicity. I could also hear elements of Teenage Fanclub coming through as well as some 90’s indie influences.

If you like music you can close your eyes and just melt into the moment and your own feelings then "Paradise" is one for you. It's faultless! I can’t wait to hear more from Morning Midnight.