• Amy


Swimming Pool is the latest offering front Northern Irish four piece PORTS.

The song starts with the captivating strings which from listening to some other tracks feels like something of a recurring theme before moving into some classic mid 2000's indie.

The vocals are somewhat haunting while the overall sound initially drew me to compare it to Echo and the Bunnymen's Nothing Last Forever, however on further listening I could definitely hear strong Coldplay influences.

After doing my research I discovered the lyrics show a change in writing style for the band where they would envisage a scene; for example someone jumping into a pool and then create words around this idea and then come up with the melody. This seems like a unique concept and one that definitely worked. I listened prior to reading anything and the images the band describe fit more less perfectly with what I thought while listening based solely on the lyrics without taking the title into account.

I really enjoyed Swimming Pool despite its heavy Coldplay vibes (a band I never could get on board with). Raw vocals, thoughtful indie guitars and an instantly memorable chorus give a really good flavour of what PORTS have to offer and serve to show why the band have amassed thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify. I will certainly be listening to more of the band's work.

Swimming Pool is now on all streaming platforms.

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